Bentley Bentayga Restyling (2020)

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    Pues a este no le queda tan mal.


    Creo que esos faros les acercan a Génesis (que a su vez buscan ser como ellos). Así ahora parece un qv80


    La variante hibrida mejora. y viene con versiones S y Azure

    – 43km de autonomia (antes 40)

    – el motor electrico tiene ahora 136cv y 400Nm de par

    – En total, el hibrido tiene 462cv


    Nota de prensa, en inglés


    • Bentayga S and Azure models now available with Hybrid powertrains
    • 50 per cent of Bentley’s product portfolio now available with a Hybrid powertrain (seven models out of 14)
    • New battery delivers E-Motor performance increases and enhanced range – targeting 27 miles on electric power alone
    • 15 per cent more torque, to 400 Nm electric-only
    • 6 per cent more power, to 136 PS electric-only
    • Hybrid powertrain brings dual character, from serenity to exhilaration 
    • Bentayga S Hybrid brings instant response and 462 PS combined output
    • Stiffer chassis, more dynamic SPORT mode ESC tune and enhanced sports exhaust for S Hybrid
    • Bentayga Azure Hybrid focuses on wellness and maximum comfort, with focus on specifications and technology to ease every journey
    • Each model differentiated by curated design features

    (Crewe, 28 September 2022) Bentley is extending its family of luxury hybrids with the addition of two new models to the Bentayga family, each with a different focus but the same exceptional attention to detail. Customers can now choose which aspect of the Bentayga’s personality they wish to accentuate with the arrival of the new Bentayga S Hybrid and Bentayga Azure Hybrid models. The two new additions mean that 50 per cent of the complete Bentley model range – seven models out of 14 – are now available with a Hybrid powertrain.

    Together, the Bentayga Hybrid’s V6 petrol engine, electric motor and new 18.0 kWh battery deliver a remarkable spectrum of performance, from the calm of near-silent, zero emission EV mode to thrilling full-throttle acceleration. The sporting design features of the Bentayga S Hybrid will surely tempt owners to exploit the full potential of its combined 462 PS. In contrast, for those customers who prioritise wellness, the Bentayga Azure Hybrid will provide an oasis of calm and serenity as they meet the challenges of their busy lives. Neither choice represents a compromise; both models are equally capable of more than 27 miles in zero-emission EV mode, and both deliver the effortless performance that Bentley owners have come to expect.

    Bentayga S Hybrid

    The new Bentayga S Hybrid follows the introduction of the Flying Spur S Hybrid earlier this year, meaning customers can now indulge their passion for sporting performance and dramatic design while still enjoying the many advantages of an electrified powertrain across two of Bentley’s four-door model lines.

    With a combined output of 462 PS (456 bhp), the 3.0-litre TFSI V6 petrol engine and 100 kW electric motor-generator can power the Bentayga S Hybrid from zero to 62 miles an hour (100 km/h) in just 5.3 seconds, with a top speed of 158 mph (254 km/h). The sensation of effortless power is, if anything, accentuated by the hybrid powertrain due to the capability of the electric motor to deliver its full torque output from zero revolutions per minute.

    Like its V8-powered stablemate – the Bentayga S – the new Bentayga S Hybrid provides an even more engaging drive, featuring (whilst in Sport mode) sound enhancements in the engine bay complementing the sound of the V6 TFSi and adding to the more sporting character of the car for the driver. A 15 per cent increase in damping stiffens the chassis and provides a platform for a more dynamic SPORT mode ESC tune, while the S models’ unique Hybrid Sports Exhaust brings a stirring symphony of sound within the cabin – and can even be tuned to different effect for front and rear seat passengers.

    Design: powerful statement of intent

    The performance-oriented character of the Bentayga S Hybrid is clear from the very first glance. As with all Bentley’s S models, the dramatic Blackline specification substitutes black for polished metal on all exterior brightware apart from the Bentley ‘wings’ badge. The purposeful effect is compounded by black side sills and door mirrors, dark-tint headlamps, black radiator grille and surround and Speed-style front bumper. Distinctive 22” wheels – handed so that the ‘scythes’ point in the same direction on both sides of the car – draw the eye, with the choice of silver, black or black and polished metal finishes contrasting with Bentley’s red-painted brake calipers. At the rear, a Speed-style tailgate spoiler, dark tint rear lamps and black split-oval tailpipes complete the visual package.

    Inside, the bold and unique contemporary interior features a combination of Crewe’s flawlessly crafted hide and the tactile, nubbed finish of Dinamica, a subtle tribute to its use in motorsport. It is offered in a choice of colour splits, carefully curated to create a sporty ambience for the interior. Another special touch is the driver digital instrumentation, featuring ‘performance’ design dials like those in the Bentayga Speed but with the addition of a PHEV power meter within the rev counter. Fluted seating and ‘S’ emblems on the fascia, illuminated treadplates and headrests further distinguish the ‘S’ hybrid from its Azure sibling.

    Bentayga Azure Hybrid

    Bentley’s Azure models, while fully capable of thrilling performance, prioritise the wellbeing and comfort of the vehicle’s occupants and make every journey a relaxing experience regardless of distance. That is especially true of the Bentayga Azure Hybrid, whose driver and passengers can enjoy the acoustically isolated serenity of the cabin. Once outside the urban environment the powerful combination of 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine and electric motor continue to deliver a quiet, refined driving experience.

    The two most crucial influences over on-board relaxation are ride comfort and NVH – Noise, Vibration and Harshness. Research that tracked thousands of people over a four-year period found that those exposed to traffic noise over 70 decibels (db) were 65 per cent more at risk of depression. Taking the Bentayga EWB as an example, measurements proved it to be quieter inside than its competitors, by between 4 per cent and 26 per cent depending on frequency and position inside the car. Secondary ride comfort is another key variable that affects on-board wellness – the smoother the ride, the more calming the journey. At typical road speeds and in the crucial frequency range of 5 Hz to 20 Hz, the Bentayga EWB has up to 27 per cent lower secondary ride vibration than its competitors.

    As with other Azure models, the Bentayga Azure Hybrid promotes the wellbeing of its occupants through a combination of design, technology and craftsmanship. Its specification includes the Front Seat Comfort Specification, offering up to 22-way adjustability and a heating and ventilation function to maintain the body’s optimum temperature for comfort and alertness.

    To analyse and develop Bentley’s new concept of “wellbeing behind the wheel”, the Azure development team engaged creative neuroscientist Katherine Templar-Lewis, from Kinda Studios, whose wide-ranging research on the external factors that influence stress was key in defining the ‘wellbeing behind the wheel’ concept that the Azure feature suite embodies. Considering everything from light, to the patterns we see around us, to the impact of in-car posture and the importance of thermal comfort, Katherine’s research paired with Bentley’s own measurements to give science-based analysis to the relaxing experience of travelling in a Bentley, as a driver or a passenger.

    The sense of safe, serene progress and relaxed control is further enhanced by the Touring Specification of driver assistance systems. Adaptive Cruise Control* maintains a set distance from the vehicle in front, slowing down (to a halt if necessary) when the vehicle in front does so and resuming the set speed once the lane is clear. Together with Lane Assist*, Traffic Assist* and Bentley Safeguard, Bentley’s suite of onboard radar and camera systems constantly monitor the surrounding traffic and roads.
    * Subject to regional availability

    Wellbeing by Design

    The importance of colour, texture and tactility is fully appreciated by Bentley’s Colour and Trim team, whose specification for the Bentayga Azure Hybrid includes ‘wellness quilting’, offering the visual and tactile pleasure of precisely crafted diamond quilted upholstery. Three open-pore veneers – Dark Walnut, Crown-Cut Walnut and Koa – offer a calm, soft satin sheen as alternatives to Bentley’s full selection of high gloss veneers. Azure customers also enjoy a choice of 15 hide colours and colour splits, with contrast stitching as standard and seat piping as a no-cost option. The Azure emblem can be found on the fascia, illuminated treadplates and seat embroidery. Completing the interior specification are Bentley ‘B’ foot pedals, mood lighting and a duo-tone steering wheel with heating function.

    Externally, the Bentayga Azure Hybrid features bright chrome lower bumper grilles, Azure badging, 22” ten-spoke wheels and finishing touches such as the Bentley ‘jewel’ filler cap. The effect is both elegant and timeless.

    The journey towards electrification

    The two new Bentayga Hybrid models represent the next step in Bentley’s Beyond100 strategy. By 2025, the full Bentley line-up will be offered with hybrid powertrains, coinciding with the launch of the first ever Bentley Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).
    Bentley’s research into ownership habits for the first-generation Bentayga Hybrid showed that over 90 per cent of customers use their Bentayga Hybrid on a daily basis or several times a week, and nearly 100 per cent of customers use EV mode, with half of them consistently undertaking journeys of less than 30 miles. For many customers, a hybrid powertrain offers genuine alternative in the transition phase to an all-electric vehicle, providing familiarisation of charge points and routines without any risk of not completing their journey.





    • Esta edición limitada es una celebración del legendario motor W12 de Bentley.
    • El Speed Edition 12 está disponible en las gamas Bentayga, Flying Spur, Continental GT y Continental GTC.
    • Solo se fabricarán 120 unidades de cada uno de los cuatro modelos Speed Edition 12.
    • Entre sus características exclusivas de diseño están los emblemas de la Edition 12, los estribos, los bordados en los asientos, las incrustaciones en el salpicadero y una placa de motor numerada.
    • La especificación Blackline y las llantas Speed de 22” con pinzas de freno plateadas atestiguan las altas prestaciones que aguardan en su interior.
    • Esta edición ofrece el Opalite, un nuevo y espectacular tono opcional para el exterior.
    • Para conmemorar este motor, los propietarios recibirán un modelo a escala del 15% del W12.
    • El W12, el motor de 12 cilindros más exitoso de la era moderna, dejará de producirse en abril de 2024 después de más de 100.000 unidades.


    (Crewe, 9 de mayo de 2023). Bentley ha creado la edición limitada Speed Edition 12 para celebrar el formidable W12, el motor que ha propulsado a sus modelos de altas prestaciones más importantes y a la propia marca desde el 2003. Por eso, los modelos de la Speed Edition 12 están equipados con el motor de 12 cilindros más exitoso de la era moderna en una despedida que rinde tributo a esta extraordinaria obra de ingeniería.


    El equipamiento de la Edition 12 parte de las especificaciones de los modelos Speed del Bentayga, el Flying Spur, el Continental GT y Continental GT Convertible y les añade numerosas mejoras exclusivas en su diseño, como los emblemas de la Edition 12, una placa de motor numerada, el bordado de la Edition 12, costuras en contraste con degradación del color en los asientos y un salpicadero elaborado con enchapado Grand Black, en donde se ha grabado el orden de explosión de los cilindros y se ha incrustado el emblema de la Edition 12.


    Solo se fabricarán 120 unidades de cada uno de los cuatro modelos, por lo que el Speed Edition 12 está destinado a ser un coche tremendamente exclusivo y muy codiciado que conmemora el motor que no solo ha propulsado a los coches de la empresa durante dos décadas, sino también a la propia marca.


    W12 de Bentley
    En 2003, el motor W12 de Bentley inauguró una nueva era para la empresa, ya que se convirtió en la planta motriz del Continental GT, el primer modelo nuevo desde que se iniciara la etapa con el Grupo Volkswagen. La disposición única en W de los cilindros del W12 de doble turbocompresor y 6,0 litros ha sido la clave para recortar un 24% sus dimensiones con respecto a una unidad equivalente V12, pero conservando los mismos niveles de potencia, eficiencia o refinamiento. Desde su aparición, no ha dejado de evolucionar dando como resultado un 37% más de potencia y un 54% más de par, junto con una reducción del 25% en emisiones. En los modelos de la Speed Edition 12, el W12 ahora tiene una potencia de 659 CV a 5.000-6.000 rpm, mientras que la célebre ola de par de Bentley alcanza un nivel máximo de 900 Nm a tan solo 1.500 rpm, manteniéndose hasta las 5.000 rpm.


    Un porte distinguido, pero sutil
    El exterior de los modelos de la Speed Edition 12 se caracteriza por detalles cuidadosamente seleccionados, pero de gran sutileza, que reconocerán a primera vista los más entendidos. Entre sus características exclusivas están las pinzas de freno plateadas, las cuales no están disponibles en ningún otro modelo de Bentley. Los modelos Continental GT y GT Convertible lucen el emblema de la Speed Edition 12 en el guardabarros delantero, mientras que el Bentayga y el Flying Spur lo muestran con orgullo en el panel trasero, junto con el emblema del Speed. Bajo el capó sorprende otro exquisito detalle: una placa numerada de la Edition 12 en un lugar de honor sobre la cubierta del motor.

    Otras características que engalanan el exterior son los componentes metálicos de la especificación Blackline, las llantas Speed de aleación de 22” con acabado pintado en negro y las insignia autoniveladoras. Además, está disponible un nuevo color opcional para el exterior llamado Opalite. Se trata de un verde grisáceo claro con un tenue toque cobrizo que brilla al sol.

    Genialidad artesanal

    Las luces de bienvenida y las placas de estribo iluminadas del Edition 12 dan la bienvenida al conductor y sus acompañantes a un interior de individualidad con acabados artesanales. Todos los coches de la Edition 12 están disponibles con las combinaciones de colores de los modelos Speed de Bentley, por lo que el color principal, que es el negro Beluga, puede cubrir la tapicería o se puede combinar con el azul Brunel, el rojo Cricketball, con Linen o con Orange. El enchapado es en todas estas opciones el Grand Black de gran brillo.


    En cuanto a las características exclusivas en esta edición limitada, sus asientos poseen un ribeteado en Mulliner Silver y bordado del estilo de la Edition 12. La parte superior de los asientos está acolchada con costuras en contraste que transita entre tres colores, desde el tono Anthracite, al Porpoise y finalizando con Stratos. Los paneles de las puertas también son acolchados con costuras en contraste.


    Otra pincelada de exclusividad se encuentra en las salidas de aire con forma de registros de órgano, cuyos mandos lucen el número 12 mecanizado en la cara. Y se ha añadido otro detalle de gran gusto, y es que en el salpicadero de enchapado Grand Black se ha grabado en la parte del pasajero delantero el orden de explosión de los cilindros del W12, junto con el emblema incrustado de la Speed Edition 12.

    Un modelo a escala del 15% para conmemorar el W12

    Y para poner la guinda, los clientes recibirán un modelo a escala del 15% conmemorativo del W12 de Bentley con todo lujo de detalles para exhibirlo en la mesa del despacho, en un aparador o en una estantería. Estos motores W12 a escala, que han sido elaborados en aluminio fundido extraído de un motor W12 de tamaño real, serán un recuerdo duradero de uno de los motores más importantes y potentes de Bentley


    Nota de prensa, en inglés



    • Two bespoke limited edition Bentleys debut at Savile Row Concours
    • Designed and crafted by Mulliner – Bentley’s bespoke division – for Jack Barclay and Huntsman
    • Each car available with a  bespoke, made-to-measure Huntsman jacket for the owner
    • Showcase of wellbeing-focused Bentayga Extended Wheelbase Azure and performance-inspired Continental GTC Speed
    • Combines Bentley’s craftsmanship and Huntsman tailored materials
    • Available exclusively through Jack Barclay Bentley

    (Crewe, 24 May 2023) Bentley Motors is proud to be attending the Savile Row Concours with two limited editions from Mulliner. These bespoke and handcrafted editions have been created through collaboration with Jack Barclay – Bentley’s oldest retailer – and renowned Savile Row tailor, Huntsman. The Savile Row Concours celebrates the heritage and history of the prestigious London address, and its relationship with the automotive world. Every Huntsman Edition car comes with a bespoke Huntsman jacket for the owner; created in one of Huntsman’s exclusive house cloths.

    The Bentayga Extended Wheelbase and Continental GTC Huntsman Edition features bespoke interiors inspired by the sartorial heritage of the renowned Savile Row tailoring house. Huntsman Head Cutter and Creative Director, Campbell Carey worked closely with Jack Barclay and the team at Mulliner to carefully translate Huntsman’s 174 years of bespoke heritage into a design complementing the interior of each of the cars.

    These models have been furnished with unique Huntsman tailoring. Signature cloth design features throughout both vehicles, with upholstery in the Huntsman charcoal four point star design, is contrasted with honeycomb cross stitching. The iconic Huntsman logo and the signature ‘H’ motif can be found embroidered in the headrests, and embossed on the treadplates, with even the keybox receiving a custom treatment; inlaid with tweed and stamped with the Huntsman logo. The result is two bespoke cars fit for the ultimate bespoke lifestyle.

    Huntsman’s Creative Director Campbell Carey, comments:

    “It is with great enthusiasm that we reignite our celebrated partnership with Bentley’s Jack Barclay, with two new Huntsman models. As Huntsman’s Head Cutter and Creative Director, it’s always a pleasure to work alongside bespoke craftspeople within other industries. In collaborating with the team at Bentley Mulliner we have created an exclusive collection of cars that reflect the iconic style of Bentley and Huntsman and bring a harmonious balance of sartorial flare and luxury with world-class engineering and innovation.”

    Huntsman Edition customers will be invited to visit Huntsman’s historic premises on Savile Row to choose their cloth and undergo a measuring session to ensure their jacket is crafted exactly to their requirements.

    The two Huntsman Edition examples are part of a collection of 1 of 5 of each model. In the true meaning of bespoke; each edition will be individually styled and designed to the customer’s very own requirements, with customers being able to influence many aspects of the Huntsman editions. Any potential interested customers would be able to curate their very own Huntsman edition by contacting the team at Jack Barclay.

    Bespoke Luxury Through The Huntsman Edition

    The Bentayga EWB Huntsman Edition is based upon the wellbeing-focused Azure model. Featuring a metallic Burgundy exterior paint, bright chromework, Azure vertical vane grille and 22” ten spoke body coloured painted and bright machined wheels, finished with a subtle Huntsman Edition badge on the rear pillar.

    The interior cabin blends Huntsman tweed and Damson and Portland leather, in a masterclass of craftsmanship. Providing an alternative style and feel, Huntsman tweed detailing can be seen throughout the cabin including the gear lever, door pockets, stowage areas and grab handles. Mulliner’s additional loose rear cushions also are finished in Huntsman tweed with Damson piping. Other unique details include Piano Damson veneers, Huntsman embroidery and Huntsman tweed micro-piping to the Mulliner overmats.

    The Huntsman Edition includes the most wellbeing-focused automotive seat in the world – Bentley Airline Seat Specification. The new Airline Seat Specification of the Bentayga EWB is the most advanced seat ever fitted to a car. With 22-ways of adjustment, the world’s first auto climate sensing system and advanced postural adjustment technology offers the finest rear accommodation since the Mulsanne.

    Unlimited Performance With The Huntsman Edition

    The Huntsman Edition Continental GTC Speed is finished in a light grey satin exterior paint and contrasts the Blackline Specification, the gloss black 22” ten-spoke wheels and black Huntsman exterior badge.

    Highlights of the interior include Beluga and Porpoise hide contrasting with the Huntsman tweed on the seats, stowage areas and centre accent on the steering wheel. Sweeping from door to door via the dashboard is a Piano Porpoise over Galaxy Stone dual finish veneer. Huntsman embroidery to the seats and unique treadplates can be seen when approaching the car.

    With its W12 engine delivering 659 PS (650 bhp), a 0-60 mph sprint time of 3.6 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds) and a top speed of 208 mph (335 km/h) the Continental GTC Speed sits alongside its coupe sibling at the performance pinnacle of the Continental GT family. The Huntsman Edition shows what can be achieved through the Mulliner personal commissioning process, where Jack Barclay and Huntsman with the aid of Mulliner have created two truly unique cars.

    Celebrating Centenaries With The Original Huntsman Edition

    The latest Huntsman Edition cars are the next milestone in the ongoing partnership between Jack Barclay Bentley and Huntsman. In 2019, the brands launched a limited edition Bentayga, with buyers able to choose between ‘The Sportsman’ or ‘The Businessman’.  Both featured a distinctive Peck 62 tweed throughout the interior, which was exclusively created in celebration of Huntsman’s Centenary year and inspired by an original Gregory Peck coat from the Huntsman archives.

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