20XX Porsche 960

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    Porsche 960.


      Lo entiendo como noticia así lo dejo aquí…

      Porsche 960 four-door coupe headed for 2015 launch – report

    Porsche are reportedly starting work on a brand new four-door coupe that is supposedly penciled in for a late 2015 market launch.

    It will be known to the public as the Porsche 960, but internally the engineers are calling it the Fefi (Ferrari Fighter) which confirms the market the new model will be targeted towards.

    It will use Volkswagen’s brand new MSB-M mid-engined rear-wheel-drive platform that has now been given the green light by Volkswagen bigwigs. Power will be drawn froma 3.8-liter twin-turbo unit generating around 600 hp (447 kW / 608 PS) and 550 lb-ft (745 Nm) of torque.

    The 960 will fit into the Porsche line-up above the Panamera and will carry a sticker price of at least €250,000 ($328,800).

    Read more: http://www.worldcarfans.com/112050344018/porsche-960-four-door-coupe-headed-for-2015-launch—report#ixzz2jNfrc6FE



    Perdón a todos pero…

    [youtube youtube=425,350]rps2efYDLLM&feature[/youtube]

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    ¿Un modelo de 4 puertas con motor central?, de que están hablando????


      Porsche 960 to be a Ferrari-fighting four-door coupe

    Automobile’s Georg Kacher goes deep into the Volkswagen product plan, looking at the 32 models that the group’s ten brands will roll out over the next five years. These vehicles are expected to drive VW to the top of the mountain in 2018, where the flag for World’s Largest Automaker awaits.

    The armada is based on three platforms: MQB for transverse FWD/AWD cars like the VW Golf, MLB for the longitudinal FWD/AWD cars in Audi’s stable, and MSB for AWD/RWD front-, rear- and mid-engined cars like the Porsche 960.

    Said to be due in 2015, the 960 is the supercar discussed last year as a bridge model between the 911 and 918, but Kacher has it listed with the MSB-M platform cars like the Porsche Boxster/Cayman and Lamborghini Aventador, not the front-engined MSB-F or rear-engined MSB-H cars. Yet the 960 is said to be a Ferrari-fighting «four-door coupe» powered by a twin-turbo flat-six. We’ll wait for clarification on the number of doors, since in September of last year, Kacher’s scoop for Car posited the 960 as a mid-engined coupe priced «on the creepy side of €200,000.»

    Other intriguing notes from the plan: for VW, a CC coupe is planned for 2016, the Passat might get a coupe variant, the second-generation Scirocco «has the potential» for U.S. sales and the Eos will be replaced; Audi is desgining an even edgier third-generation TT, the A4 will experiment with e-quattro, and the next-generation A6 will break the same-sausage, different-lengths design mold.



    Tal vez con la denominación tengan «problemillas»…


    [quote quote=»marea»]
    Tal vez con la denominación tengan «problemillas»…



    En la época del 959, a su versión de competición no la llamaron 960 sino 961, por algo sería.


    Lo de las 4 puertas no hay por donde cogerlo, para mi que se han ido pasando información unos a otros…plan teléfono loco

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