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Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV (2022)

INICIO FOROS NOVEDADES Vehículos presentados Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV (2022)

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      Amplisima nota de prensa: https://group-media.mercedes-benz.com/marsMediaSite/en/instance/ko/The-essential-information.xhtml?oid=53011369

      Dejo solo el resumen principal. En inglés

      The new EQS SUV[1]: the main points at a glance

      With the luxury saloon EQS and the sporty executive saloon EQE, Mercedes-Benz has entered a new, all-electric era in the upper market segments as well. The EQS SUV, the third model series with this architecture developed for electric vehicles, will soon follow. The SUV offers plenty of space, comfort and connectivity for up to seven passengers in its avant-garde, luxurious interior. Thanks to powerful electric motors, responsive 4MATIC all-wheel drive and an intelligent OFFROAD driving mode, the EQS SUV is also capable of tackling light terrain with ease.

      The new EQS SUV shares the long wheelbase (3210 millimetres) with the EQS Saloon, but is over 20 centimetres higher. The dimensions in detail: 5125/1959/1718 millimetres (length/width[2]/height[3]). The interior dimensions benefit from these generous SUV dimensions and from the advantages of the purpose design tailored to the electric platform. The second row of seats can be electrically adjusted as standard. Up to four golf bags fit in the boot. A third row of seats with two additional individual seats and extensive comfort features for all passengers is available as an option.

      The EQS Saloon is the current aerodynamics world champion for production cars[4]. Its purpose design with smooth underbody and usually closed radiator shutter was a good starting point for aerodynamic measures on the EQS SUV. The optimisation of SUV-typical flow details led to a hitherto unique combination of spaciousness and aerodynamic efficiency.

      All EQS SUVs have an electric drive train (eATS) on the rear axle, and the versions with 4MATIC also have an eATS on the front axle. In the 4MATIC models, the Torque Shift function ensures intelligent, continuously variable distribution of drive torque between the rear and front electric motors and thus the use of the most efficient eATS in each case. The electric motors on the front and rear axles are permanently excited synchronous motors (PSM). The advantages of this design include high power density, high efficiency and high power constancy.

      The EQS Saloon was the first model series from Mercedes-Benz in which completely new vehicle functions can be activated in several areas via over-the-air updates (OTA). With the EQS SUV, this offer is significantly expanded. For example, Trailer Manoeuvring Assist or MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) Augmented Reality Navigation can be activated at a later date.

      With the EQS SUV, Mercedes-Benz is taking a major step towards zero-emission mobility and is moving a step closer to fulfilling Ambition 2039. The model is produced in a completely CO2-neutral way. The EQS SUV puts real solutions for emission-free mobility, intelligent resource conservation and responsible circular economy on the road.

      The chassis of the new EQS SUV has a four-link axle at the front and an independent multi-link suspension at the rear. The AIRMATIC air suspension with continuously adjustable damping ADS+ is standard equipment. The vehicle level can be raised by several centimetres. In addition to the DYNAMIC SELECT modes ECO, COMFORT, SPORT and INDIVIDUAL, the 4MATIC versions feature OFFROAD, a further mode for off-road driving. Furthermore, rear-axle steering with a steering angle of up to 4.5 degrees is standard. It provides plenty of manoeuvrability in the city and agility over land. Optionally and also via an OTA update, a version with up to 10 degrees steering angle is available.

      The principles of Integral Safety, in particular accident safety, apply regardless of the platform. Like all other Mercedes-Benz models, the EQS SUV therefore has a rigid passenger cell, special deformation zones and modern restraint systems. The European version of the EQS SUV is the first Mercedes-Benz model to be able to detect whether rear seats are actually occupied. If a passenger in the rear is not wearing a seat belt, the driver receives a specific warning. Another new feature at Mercedes-Benz is what is known as the occupant presence reminder. This system can indicate children who may have been overlooked in the rear of the vehicle. In vehicles for Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the reminder is on board as standard.

      Mercedes me Charge[5] is one of the largest charging networks worldwide: it currently comprises over 700,000 AC and DC charging points, including around 300,000 are in Europe. Since 2021, Mercedes-Benz has ensured a subsequent offset with green electricity when customers use Mercedes me Charge to charge their cars in Europe. High-quality guarantees of origin ensure that as much green power from renewable energies is fed into the grid as is withdrawn via Mercedes me Charge. The new Mercedes me Charge function Plug & Charge makes charging the EQS SUV at public charging stations that support Plug & Charge convenient.

      Navigation with Electric Intelligence plans the fastest and most convenient route, including charging stops, based on numerous factors and reacts dynamically to traffic jams or a change in driving style, for example. This includes a visualisation in the MBUX infotainment system as to whether the state of charge of the battery is sufficient to return to the starting point without charging. Charging stations along the route that have been added manually are given preference in the route calculation. Proposed charging stations can be excluded. The estimated charging costs per charging stop are calculated.

      With ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus, Mercedes-Benz thinks holistically about air quality in the EQS SUV. The system is based on filtration, sensors, a display concept and air conditioning. The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter has a very high filtration level to trap fine particles, microparticles, pollen and other substances entering with the outside air.

      With intelligent software, MBUX fully adapts to its users and provides them with personalised suggestions for numerous infotainment, comfort and vehicle functions. With what is known as the zero layer, the most important applications are always offered on the topmost level within the field of vision, according to situation and context.

      The highlight of the interior is the MBUX Hyperscreen (special equipment). This large, curved screen unit spans almost from A-pillar to A-pillar. Three screens sit under a common cover glass and merge visually. The 12.3-inch OLED display for the front passenger gives them their own display and control area. In Europe, and in a growing number of countries, the front seat passenger is also able to watch dynamic content while the vehicle is on the move. This is because Mercedes-EQ is able to rely on an intelligent, camera-based blocking logic: If the camera detects that the driver is looking at the passenger display, the system automatically dims the dynamic content.

      The Dolby Atmos sound system® takes the audio experience in the EQS SUV to a new level. Individual instruments or voices of the studio mix can be placed all around the listening area. A new kind of sound animation thus becomes possible: This is because while conventional stereo systems usually have a left-right dynamic, Dolby AtmosÒ can use the entire space and create a 360-degree experience.

      Key technical data[6]

          EQS 450+ EQS 450 4MATIC EQS 580 4MATIC
      Drive system Rear-wheel drive All-wheel drive All-wheel drive
      Electric motor(s): Type Permanently excited synchronous motor(s) (PSM)
      Output kW 265 265 400
      Torque Nm 568 800 858
      Rated voltage Volts 396 396 396
      On-board charger (standard/option) kW 11/22 (USA: 9,6)


      AC charging time, three-phase (11/22 kW) h 5/10 (USA: 11,5)


      DC charging capacity, max. kW 200


      DC charging time at fast charging station[7] min 31


      DC charging: max. range after

      15 minutes[7] (WLTP)

      km 250 n/a n/a
      Length/width/height mm 5125/1959/1718
      Length/width/height (USA) mm 5125/1959/1718
      Wheelbase mm 3210
      Turning circle (with rear-axle steering 4.5°/10°) m 11.9/11.0
      Luggage capacity VDA
      l 645-2.100/565-2.020
      Electrical consumption and range
      Electrical consumption (WLTP) kWh/100 km 23,0 – 18,6 24,0 – 20,0 24,0 – 20,0
      CO2 emissions (WLTP) g/km 0 0 0
      Range (WLTP) km 536 – 660 507 – 613 507 – 613

      [1] Data on power consumption and range are provisional and have been voluntarily determined internally in accordance with the “WLTP test procedure” certification method. There are no confirmed figures from an officially recognised testing organisation to date. Deviations from the final data are possible.

      [2] Without exterior mirrors

      [3] Data for five-seater

      [4] The EQS 450+ (WLTP: combined power consumption: 19.8-15.7 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions: 0 g/km) achieves a best-ever Cd value of 0.20 with 19″ AMG wheel/tyre combination and AMG Line exterior in the SPORT driving mode. The WLTP power consumption has been determined on the basis of Regulation (EU) No. 2017/1151.

      [5] In order to be able to use the Mercedes me connect service “Mercedes me Charge”, a separate charging contract with a selected third-party provider is required for charging payment and billing purposes. A personal Mercedes me ID and agreement to the Terms of Use for the Mercedes me connect services are required for use of the Mercedes me connect services.

      [6] Data on power consumption and range are provisional and have been voluntarily determined internally in accordance with the “WLTP test procedure” certification method. There are no confirmed figures from an officially recognised testing organisation to date. Deviations from the final data are possible.

      [7] The charging times are for a 10-80% charge at a DC fast charging station of category “K” or “L” pursuant to EN17186 with 500 A charging current

      [8] At DC fast charging stations with 500 amps based on WLTP range

      Avatar de pedro carvalho

        Mejor qué el BMW IX pero no passa de un EQS com tacones altos.

        Avatar de The_Osco

          Me he liado, quería decir GLS Maybach 😂

          Avatar de Avreq

            Ok,thanl you

            Avatar de pedro carvalho
              Avatar de Guillermooo

                Min. 5:50 del review de carwow… Plazas traseras. A otro nivel. Increíble. No falla en eso Mercedes. Lo tiene clarísimo.

                Avatar de s18j

                  Le falta chispa, no dice nah.

                  En cambio el IX te podrá parecer una aberración de la naturaleza pero te satisface más.

                  Avatar de The_Osco

                    El iX es original pero de una manera más tosca, este es blando por su cabezonería con ser extremadamente aerodinámicos.

                    Por dentro es lo mismo, es muy triste que pasemos por alto que un modelo de la clase S tenga el mismo interior que uno del clase E, pero idénticos.

                    Muy vago el esfuerzo que está haciendo el diseñador/diseñadores de mercedes que claramente necesitan un cambio de aires… Y ser despedidos

                    Avatar de Iñaki

                      Los diseñadores no tienen la culpa de eso, a ellos se les plantea el proyecto y lo hacen lo mejor que pueden. Si los de marketing les dicen que tiene que tener el mismo interior pues no tienen nada que hacer. Piénsalo, el que ha hecho esto también hizo el AMG GT, el GLC y muchos más. Así que saben hacer las cosas bien. Igual el problema está en otro departamento. O no hay ningún problema y es el resultado que querían. Porque del EQS se dijo lo mismo y se está vendiendo relativamente bien.

                      Avatar de The_Osco

                        El interior puede ser, al final del día si comparten elementos pues se ahorran una pasta, pero el exterior? Qué departamento justifica los diseños que están sacando?


                        Avatar de The_Osco

                          Respecto al tema ventas pese a que en EEUU donde si han dado datos y parecen hasta sorprendidos, sigue lejos del clase s.

                          Avatar de Iñaki

                            Esto que voy a decir es sin tener nidea de cómo funciona así que es un poco desde la barra del bar.

                            Pero por ejemplo, (me lo invento) llegan los de marketing les dicen que que tiene que haber una consistencia de diseño muy elevada entre todos los EQ.

                            Luego llegan X ingenieros y les dicen que la silueta de huevo es mucho mejor porque es más aerodinámica. Luego llegan los de los costes y les cambian aún más las cosas.

                            Partiendo de esta base, poca culpa tendrían ya. Luego le añades otras muchas limitaciones que les ponen.

                            Por tanto ya tienen muchísima menos libertad a la hora de diseñar. Es por esto que hay que tener en cuenta que el diseño de un coche, obviamente, no depende al 100% del departamento de diseño. Ellos empiezan con la idea, el concepto, luego llegan los ingenieros etc y les cambian mil cosas. Básicamente se puede ver esto en el cambio de concept a producción. Véase el EQS concept al EQS. En el concept apenas entran otros departamentos y tienen muchísima más libertad. Ahí si que se puede ver el verdadero potencial de un equipo de diseño. Aunque también el departamento de diseño tiene que tener en cuenta estas cosas y partir de la base de que el coche se va a tener que producir serie y no va a quedarse en un concept. Si haces el concept con unas proporciones extremas, sabes que eso no se va a mantener en el de producción por lo tanto no puede depender su atractivo únicamente de eso porque se acabará perdiendo en la versión final.

                            Créeme que sé lo mucho que exprimen a los diseñadores y lo quemados que terminan (podría hacer un hilo solo de esto). Así que esto no es culpa únicamente de ellos, sino de muchos departamentos más.

                            Avatar de The_Osco

                              Buah, pues desde la barra del bar todo lo que has dicho tiene bastante sentido, si es que no funciona así.

                              Es una pena porque al final no os dejan libertad a los diseñadores ya que si hacéis una cosa os llaman los de marketing y si hacéis otra os llaman los contables…

                              Avatar de The_Osco

                                Y lo del hilo no lo descartes, igual ayuda a que mucha gente no acuse directamente a los diseñadores por cada cosa que pasa en la industria😅😅

                                Avatar de A.P.M.

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                                          Avatar de A.P.M.

                                            Precios para España

                                            • EQS SUV 450 4Matic 139.125 €
                                            • EQS SUV 580 4Matic 165.900 €
                                            • 7 Plazas, 2.807 € adicionales



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