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Mondial de L´Auto Paris – Salón de París 2022 –

INICIO FOROS NOVEDADES Concept Cars y Salones del Automóvil Mondial de L´Auto Paris – Salón de París 2022 –

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      Actualizado el primer mensaje con la gama del grupo Renault

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        Vinfast va a llevar sus VF8 y 9


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              Actualizado con 3 novedades de Mercedes: A, B y AMG C63

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                este misterioso interior en el stand del león no se parece a ningún Peugeot hasta ahora??

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                  En la bola esa irá el 408, como en el anuncio. Algo pequeñito el stand para ser ellos me da la sensación.

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                    Si, es bastante pequeño, sobretodo cuando su rival francés, Renault, parece que será el doble de grande…


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                      Parece más un stand de un salón de coches de segunda mano más que uno del salón de parís.

                      Sí que es verdad que renault lleva más novedades y lógicamente será más grande

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                        Dacia en el salón, con una novedad importante:

                        – Dacia Jogger hibrido

                        – Dacia Duster «Mat edition»

                        – Dacia Manifesto concept


                        Nota de prensa

                        Dacia at Mondial de l’Auto: introducing the new brand identity to customers

                        • Dacia will attend Mondial de l’Auto in Paris showcasing the entire range with the brand’s new identity
                        • Following its recent reveal, the MANIFESTO concept car, embodying Dacia’s brand values, will be on display
                        • For the first time, a Duster «Mat Edition», a collector car
                        • Dacia’s first hybrid engine
                        • A range of eco-designed merchandising

                        07 October 2022

                        Between 17 to 23 October, Dacia will attend the Mondial de l’Auto at the Paris Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre. Located in Hall 6, the brand will showcase its models and exciting new developments.

                        The full range with the brand-new identity will make a world premiere alongside the recently revealed MANIFESTO concept car. For the first time, a collector edition Duster will take centre-stage and Dacia’s first HYBRID 140 engine will also make its debut. Eco-designed branded merchandising will also be on displayadding to a truly immersive experience on a stand that strongly explores the brand’s new direction.


                        Dacia has recently started a new chapter as it adopts a new brand identity. To date, this has included a new logo, rolled out simultaneously across its entire range (Spring, Sandero, Logan, Duster, and Jogger), new dealerships, new design and new colours. The Mondial de l’Auto is the chosen venue where Dacia will introduce these exciting developments to the general public for the very first time. On display will be the full vehicle range, now bearing the new emblem – the Dacia Link – where the sleek lines of a ‘D’ and ‘C’ join together like the links of a chain, symbolising robustness and simplicity. Through its logo, Dacia underscores its values: an essential brand that is cool, robust, outdoor and eco-smart (economic and ecological).


                        The Dacia MANIFESTO concept car will make its world premiere on the Dacia stand.

                        While the MANIFESTO does not prefigure a future production model, it embodies Dacia’s vision of essential, cool, robust, affordable, and environmentally friendly vehicles. It is a testing ground for the latest innovative features, some of which will end up on production models. The MANIFESTO is a very compact, lightweight, car, more agile than it is fast, designed for the wilderness and great outdoors. It is a free expression of Dacia’s vision that serves as a tangible representation of its values and brand markers.

                        MANIFESTO is ESSENTIAL and COOLER than ever with its extractible single headlight, Media Control system, and YouClip accessory interface that will debut on the upcoming generation of Duster.

                        MANIFESTO is ROBUST, able to tackle any terrain with its airless tyres. It is waterproof and can be easily hosed down both inside and out.

                        MANIFESTO is ECO-SMART, using Starkle®, a unique material which is made using 20% recycled plastic with a speckled appearance. It will also make its debut on the next generation Duster.

                        «MAT EDITION» DUSTER, A COLLECTOR CAR

                        Duster has sold more than 2 million units since its launch in 2010 and has become a Dacia iconic model.

                        In light of demands from car enthusiasts, Duster will be given pride-of-place on the Dacia stand with the car collector’s «Mat Edition», a showcase of the model’s personality.

                        The exclusive edition will feature a unique set up, harnessing the powerful and efficient TCe 150 engine with EDC gearbox, the best Dacia equipment on offer, and an exclusive body colour. Duster’s distinctive «Mat Edition» design will once again boost the brand’s appeal with orders opening at the end of 2022.

                        THE HYBRID 140 ENGINE SOON ON JOGGER

                        The HYBRID 140 engine will be showcased on the Dacia stand with a dedicated demonstrator. The Jogger will become Dacia’s first hybrid next year. An expanding range of ECO-SMART solutions now includes, for the first time, a 140HP hybrid engine. The technology, already mastered within the Renault Group, is yet another opportunity for Dacia to leverage tried and tested components, and proven technology.

                        Orders will begin early 2023 with start of sales in spring 2023.


                        The Dacia range of merchandising includes backpacks, water bottles, caps, and raincoats. Only the essentials to help reconnect with nature, and champion the brand’s values: simplicity, robustness, and authenticity. True to the new brand identity, the range uses recycled materials (raincoats and backpacks made of recycled polyester, caps made of recycled poly-cotton) and sustainable materials (aluminium water bottles).

                        The entire merchandising range is environmentally friendly at every step of the way, from product design to distribution channels. In fact, the collection will be available in dealerships, in a recycled and recyclable cardboard display that already features other merchandising. Once again, Dacia’s hunt to get rid of everything superfluous applies to its entire value chain.

                        Orders can be placed via a dedicated e-commerce site starting with the opening of the Mondial de l’Auto on October 17th by clicking here. What’s more, the Dacia brand is once again demonstrating its eco-responsible approach through the fact the online platform is hosted by Infomaniak, a service provider with a 360° approach to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the tool’s life cycle.

                        Access the Dacia event platform at the Mondial de l’Auto: https://events.dacia.com/en/

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                          Mobilize en el salón

                          – Duo/Bento

                          – Solo concept

                          – Ileo Concept (no es un coche, es un sistema de carga)


                          Nota de prensa

                          At the Paris Motor Show, Mobilize is transforming mobility and facilitating access to energy

                          At the Paris Motor Show, Mobilize is featuring its solutions to demonstrate concrete progress towards sustainable, accessible and affordable mobility:

                          • Mobilize Duo, an all-electric, connected quadricycle that seats two and suits everyone, revealing its playful and functional interior.
                          • Mobilize Driver Solutions, the service offering dedicated to taxi and ride-hailing professionals, around the Mobilize Limo all-electric sedan.
                          • Mobilize Fast Charge, a network of ultrafast charging stations near motorways.
                          • Mobilize PowerBox, a bidirectional charging point developed with Software République.
                          • Two glimpses into the future: Solo Concept, an original approach to mobility applied to travel in cities, and Ileo Concept, a new way of seeing energy.

                          “At the Paris Motor Show, we are keen to show that it is possible to change the way we think about mobility; that there are down-to-earth, clever solutions that fit everyone’s needs. Mobilize is paving the way for large-scale transformation, with the stated intention of opening the door for as many people as possible to enjoy sustainable, accessible and affordable mobility,” states Clotilde Delbos, CEO, Mobilize.

                          Mobilize Duo, an all-electric, compact, connected quadricycle that seats two and suits everyone

                          Mobilize Duo is designed for carsharing but is also available to private customers on subscription and comes with a wide array of services. Duo offers a fun, light-filled and functional interior.

                          It has two padded seats in tandem, and a dashboard that looks a lot like a boombox and houses the instrument screen, the gearbox lever, a speaker and a smartphone holder.

                          The steering wheel contains an airbag, which is rare in this type of vehicle.

                          To find out all about Mobilize Duo, click HERE.

                          Mobilize Driver Solutions, the service offering dedicated to taxi and ride-hailing professionals, around the Mobilize Limo all-electric sedan

                          Mobilize Driver Solutions combines Limo, a reliable work tool that is pleasant to drive, with a full array of services designed to make life easier for drivers, operators and their customers. Mobilize Driver Solutions is up and running in Madrid and will be available in Paris by the end of 2022.

                          To find out all about Mobilize Driver Solutions, click HERE.

                          Mobilize Fast Charge, a network of ultrafast charging stations near motorways

                          Mobilize will roll out a network of 200 ultrafast charging stations in Europe, with Renault dealerships. They will be less than 5 minutes from motorways, open 24/7 and welcome all electric vehicle drivers to quiet, comfortable and safe rest and service area.

                          To find out all about Mobilize Fast Charge, click HERE.

                          Mobilize PowerBox, a connected and secure bidirectional charging point for electric vehicles

                          This demonstrator designed by Software République (Orange, Renault Group, STMicroelectronics and Thales) will support smart grid management to address growth in the number of electric vehicles.

                          To find out all about Mobilize PowerBox, click HERE.

                          Mobilize Solo Concept and Ileo Concept: new angles on mobility and access to energy

                          • Solo Concept is an original approach to mobility involving low-speed travel in cities, in semi-seated position and safe within the vehicle’s enveloping body.
                          • Ileo Concept represents Mobilize’s vision to bring energy to cities, with modular, multiservice totems.

                          To find out all about Solo Concept and Ileo Concept, click HERE.

                          To follow Mobilize at the Paris Motor Show, click HERE.

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                            Peugeot en el salón

                            • E-208
                            • 408
                            • 508 PSE
                            • e-Streetzone electric scooter
                            • 9X8




                            Nota de prensa, en inglés


                            PEUGEOT at the 2022 Paris Motor Show:

                            3 world premieres and an alluring schedule!

                            • WORLD PREMIERES:
                              • The unexpected PEUGEOT 408 fastback
                              • PEUGEOT E-208, queen of electric efficiency
                              • PEUGEOT e-Streetzone electric scooter 
                            • ALLURE: PEUGEOT 408, a spectacular sphere setting!
                            • EXCELLENCE: PEUGEOT E-EXPERT HYDROGEN on test
                            • EMOTION: PEUGEOT 9X8, the high performance hybrid
                            • ENTERTAINMENT: Meetings with PEUGEOT’s partners 

                            The favourite brand of the French* in all categories, PEUGEOT will be in Paris, Porte de Versailles, from 17 to 23 October 2022 at the Paris Motor Show.

                            On a 900 m2 stand in Hall 4, under the banner of the brand’s promise «Everything is more beautiful with Allure», PEUGEOT will be showcasing 3 World Premieres, which demonstrate both the accelerated electrification of its offer and its inventiveness:

                            • The innovative PEUGEOT 408 will be on show in an… unconventional way, available to view from all angles in a large transparent sphere. 
                            • The PEUGEOT E-208 will be showcasing its super-efficient 100% electric propulsion unit, with gains of 15% in power and 10.5% in range.
                            • And, as a show of its commitment to electrifying all of its mobility solutions, PEUGEOT will reveal the 100% electric PEUGEOT e-Streetzone scooter, capable of travelling up to 112km on a single charge.

                            * YouGov Institute annual survey published in September 2022

                            Fans of high performance electrification will also be able to admire the PEUGEOT 9X8 Hybrid Hypercar, presented for the first time at a Motor Show, and its road-going cousin, the PEUGEOT 508 PSE, with 360 hp of hybrid power and developed by the same team of designers and engineers.

                            On a dedicated stand in Hall 3, visitors will also be able to take a look at hydrogen fuel cell technology: the PEUGEOT E-EXPERT HYDROGEN will be on display, but will also be available for full-scale tests around the Show.

                            Finally, PEUGEOT will give visitors to the Show the opportunity to meet some of its most prestigious partners during the public days: drivers of the PEUGEOT 9X8 Hybrid Hypercar, players from the Stade Toulousain and Miss France 2022.

                            After a long wait of four years, the Paris Motor Show is finally back at the Porte de Versailles in October 2022, and PEUGEOT will not be missing this meeting with the French and European public.

                            At the 2022 event, the Lion Brand will once again demonstrate its inventiveness and its ability to rapidly electrify its vast range of mobility products.  The big star will be the innovative PEUGEOT 408, presented with spectacular staging…

                            A spectacular World Premiere of the new PEUGEOT 408 fastback

                            In addition to the four models of the new PEUGEOT 408, which will be available for visitors to take a look at, visitors will not be able to miss the car installed in «La Sphère», an extraordinary structure over 6 metres high, transparent and rotating, which allows visitors to view the many facets of its unexpected design from all angles. «La Sphère» was first installed in July at the Louvre Lens for filming videos which were released on social media on 4 August; it will be visible to everyone at the Motor Show for a full week!

                            The new PEUGEOT 408 will provide visitors to the Motor Show with renewed proof of the PEUGEOT teams’ inventiveness, who are offering an unprecedented fastback silhouette at the top of the C segment: both in the history of the Brand and on the current car market, the PEUGEOT 408 is the first of its kind.

                            Unexpected because it is different, this extraordinary PEUGEOT offers, in addition to its feline stance and unique appearance, excellent engineering focused on efficiency and intelligent electrification, with two 180 hp and 225 hp rechargeable hybrid engines, as well as the emotions provided by cutting-edge technologies dedicated to driving pleasure and instinctive use.

                            PEUGEOT E-208 and the roll-out of electrification in 2023

                            In terms of electrification, PEUGEOT is ahead of the lawmakers. In 2030, 100% of the brand’s models sold in Europe will be 100% electric, i.e. 5 years ahead of the regulatory requirements. And from 2023, all PEUGEOT cars will be electrified, i.e. driven by propulsion units that are either 100% battery electric or powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, or hybrids or rechargeable hybrids.

                            To achieve this goal, PEUGEOT will accelerate the launch of electric and electrified models in 2023: the 3008 and 5008 will be the first vehicles in the Stellantis Group to receive an all-new 136 bhp hybrid powertrain, capable of lowering their fuel consumption by 15%. And, as well as launching the PEUGEOT E-308 saloon and E-308 SW estate, the Brand will be offering a new version of its E-208 model – the best-selling electric model in France since the beginning of the year.

                            Building on the technology of the E-308, a new 115 kW/156 electric motor (+15% power) and a new generation battery, in addition to a series of measures which, from 2021, have significantly improved its energy efficiency, the new PEUGEOT E-208’s range can even exceed 400 km. The electric efficiency is exceptional, with a value of just 12.0 kWh/100 km (useful energy/WLTP range), a benchmark among B-segment electric vehicles.  

                            This new PEUGEOT E-208 will be at the PEUGEOT stand.

                            PEUGEOT 9X8: the competition, a laboratory for electrifying future models 

                            One of the star attractions on the PEUGEOT stand will also be the PEUGEOT 9X8 HYBRID HYPERCAR, the innovative car entered in the Le Mans Hypercar category of the World Endurance Championship (WEC) since July. In 2023, PEUGEOT and the 9X8 will be at the exceptional event of the 100th edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours.

                            With its unprecedented fluidity, its feline appearance and its hybrid engine (twin-turbo V6 with 707 bhp at the rear and electric motor with 272 bhp at the front), the PEUGEOT 9X8 is a laboratory for the electrification of PEUGEOT’s road models. Starting with the PEUGEOT 508 PSE, also present on the stand in its SW version: developed by the same team that created the PEUGEOT 9X8, it is powered by a hybrid engine combining efficiency and high performance (360 bhp), and equipped with an electrified all-wheel drive for exceptional driving pleasure.

                            Visit Hall 3 to test drive the PEUGEOT e-EXPERT HYDROGEN with fuel cell 

                            An intriguing zero-emission electrification technology that is perfectly suited to heavy-duty commercial vehicles, the hydrogen fuel cell is already offered on PEUGEOT’s mid-size commercial vehicle, the E-EXPERT HYDROGEN. The great advantage is that it is possible to fill up with hydrogen in three minutes, giving you a fully electric range of several hundred kilometres, independently of any time spent recharging a battery.

                            The fuel cell experts will be available on a dedicated stand in Hall 3, and it will be possible to test drive a PEUGEOT E-EXPERT HYDROGEN for 30 minutes around the Porte de Versailles in the company of a brand Genius.

                            With a range of 400 km, 100 kW of power and 260 Nm of torque, the PEUGEOT e-EXPERT HYDROGEN can carry up to 1,000 kg of payload in a cargo volume of 6.1 m3.

                            The PEUGEOT e-Streetzone 100% electric scooter for the first time on the PEUGEOT stand

                            On the PEUGEOT stand in Hall 4, and next to a PEUGEOT e-Solutions information wall dedicated to the services offered by the Brand to users of its electrified vehicles, visitors will also be able to take a look at the new electric scooter from PEUGEOT Motorcycles: the PEUGEOT e-Streetzone.

                            Demonstrating that PEUGEOT is extending its electrified mobility offer even to two-wheelers, bicycles and scooters, the PEUGEOT e-Streetzone will be available in two versions, with one or two batteries, the latter offering up to 112 km of range in ECO mode.

                            With its removable batteries, the PEUGEOT e-Streetzone can be quickly and easily recharged from any household socket. Thanks to its proven chassis and handling, the PEUGEOT e-Streetzone from PEUGEOT Motorcycles is the ideal vehicle for getting around in city centres.

                            Celebrity events not to be missed!

                            During the public days of the Motor Show, PEUGEOT will also give visitors the opportunity to meet some of its prestigious friends and partners on the stand in Hall 4:

                            TUESDAY 18 OCTOBER afternoon, it will be the drivers of the PEUGEOT 9X8, Jean-Eric Vergnes, Paul di Resta and Mikkel Jensen who, between a few media requests, will make themselves available for the fans.

                            WEDNESDAY 19 OCTOBER afternoon, rugby fans will be able to meet the Stade Toulousain players on the PEUGEOT stand; Antoine Dupont, named best player in the world in 2021, will also be there!  The Stade Toulousain players have been wearing the PEUGEOT emblem on their shirts since 1996. They have won 7 French Champions titles and 5 European Champions titles under these colours, with a double in 2021.

                            THURSDAY 20 OCTOBER afternoon, Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, will be at the Lion Brand stand.


                            Virtual visit for all: a digital and immersive experience at the PEUGEOT stand

                            As not everyone will be able to travel to Paris to attend the Motor Show, PEUGEOT will offer everyone a digital and immersive experience of its stand, with the added bonus of exclusive and innovative content.

                            As soon as they arrive on the LeSalon.Peugeot.fr platform, users will find themselves in a reception hall decorated in the colours of the PEUGEOT stand at the Paris Motor Show.

                            They will then be able to choose to navigate freely between different worlds (New, Sport, Electric, Range), or be guided through their visit in a completely new way via an exclusive audio guide that changes according to their choices. A different way of visiting the Motor Show and (re)discovering PEUGEOT without leaving your armchair.


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