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Renault 4EverTrophy (2022)

INICIO FOROS NOVEDADES Concept Cars y Salones del Automóvil Renault 4EverTrophy (2022)

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      Ahhhhh!! Gracias por la aclaración @s18j ❤️

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        Pues si éste es el concept, me da a mí que la filtración es el modelo de serie.

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              Si lo llegan a hacer más alto en mi garaje no entra

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                • Renault presenta una reinterpretación moderna y eléctrica de su icónico Renault 4 en el Salón del Automóvil de París 2022
                • El aventurero show-car 4EVER Trophy también celebra el 25 aniversario del raid solidario 4L Trophy
                • Prefigura un futuro SUV del segmento B 100% eléctrico

                El show car 4EVER Trophy presagia el futuro SUV 100% eléctrico del segmento B de la gama Renault. Este futuro vehículo estará a gusto tanto en la ciudad como en zonas rurales remotas.

                Compartirá con el futuro Renault 5 la nueva plataforma CMF-BEV dedicada a los vehículos eléctricos del segmento B. Esta plataforma permitirá prestaciones al más alto nivel en términos de autonomía, acústica y comportamiento dinámico, sin comprometer el diseño del vehículo.

                En la futura gama Renault, el posicionamiento entre ellos de los futuros Renault 5 y Renault 4 eléctricos será como el de los actuales Clio y Captur. 

                Fuente: Renault

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                        La nota de prensa, en inglés

                        Renault 4EVER Trophy, an icon reborn

                        • Renault is unveiling a modern, electric version of its iconic Renault 4 at the Paris Motor Show.
                        • The rugged, adventure-ready 4EVER Trophy show car is also here to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 4L Trophy humanitarian rally.
                        • It paves the way for the future all-electric B segment SUV.


                        The Renault 4 is much more than a car: it is a true icon. With over 8 million units sold in more than 100 countries, it has been crossing generational and social gaps for the past 60 years. It is as comfortable in cities as far out in the countryside, and multipurpose – you can drive it to work and on long journeys, use it to carry loads, and a lot more.

                        It is unpretentious yet in, chic yet a car for everyone, and appeals to men and women alike.

                        Production was discontinued 30 years ago but the 4L has never left the limelight. It is one of the original young-timer vintage cars and the past 25 years have seen the 4L Trophy prove time and again its worth as a versatile car built to last. This explains why it is still a crowd pleaser, especially with the younger generations.

                        The 4EVER Trophy show car that Renault is unveiling at the 2022 Paris Motor Show is its second iconic model to get an electric reboot, following Renault 5 Prototype, during the Renaulution. Renault, in other words, is tapping into its illustrious past to better electrify its future.


                        A MODERN TWIST AND A LOT OF DARING

                        The Renault 4EVER Trophy show car creates new memories while bringing back old ones. Under a muscular exterior, the stylistic ties to its 4L predecessor are evident. The original car’s main features have been revived:

                        • The silhouette with the prominent bonnet, bumper, and hallmark angled rear section, are readily recognisable
                        • The rear, trapezoidal side windows with their rounded corners are located just above the rear wheels
                        • The front flanks have been left bare (no lights or stylish markers)
                        • The wings sit atop the wheel arches and reach through to the shield

                        The retro style blends harmoniously with the rest of the otherwise sophisticated and technological lines.

                        The show car has generous curves and a very elaborate grille. The ‘ultra tech’ connections between the spokes and bodywork bring an added layer of precision and modernity. The same can be said for the meticulously honed rim around the roof.

                        Renault 4 is a myth. And myths never die! R4 is a car that everyone can love, and today we want to rediscover this universal dimension through a modern and electric reinterpretation.

                        Luca de Meo, Chief Executive Officer of RENAULT S.A

                        “To bring 4EVER Trophy into the modern era, we have infused its streamlined shape with technological sophistication. All these ingredients have been carefully crafted so that the design resonates with those who are familiar with the 4L and its illustrious history, and with younger generations.”

                        Gilles Vidal, VP, Renault Brand, Design


                        A UNIQUE LIGHT SIGNATURE

                        4EVER Trophy puts a new twist on the Renault 4’s iconic wide horizontal grille featuring the round, built-in lamps, now with Matrix LED lights. The innovative lights give the vehicle a strong identity. While the recognisable pill-shaped rear lights have also been entirely redesigned, they remain readily recognisable and are a clear nod to the iconic 4L.



                        An electric vehicle that ventures off the beaten track: that is what the rugged 4EVER Trophy show car conveys at first glance. The electric motor reflects the future production model.

                        The low section on 4EVER Trophy, painted Gun Metal Silver, has been designed for the great outdoors. An open invitation to explore new horizons, this show car exudes a clearly adventurous spirit. It has a certain flair to its look with the silver coat, and magenta highlights on the roof straps, suspension springs and wheel emblems.

                        The dune-buggy vibe gives 4EVER Trophy a competitive look. The hollowed-out bonnet has a huge air exhaust that vastly improves the efficacy of the radiator located in the centre of the shield. The front overhang has been shortened considerably for a greater clearance capacity.

                        With a spare tyre located on the carbon fibre roof, and a shovel and waffle boards on the upper section of the rear door, the car is ready to tackle any situation.

                        The vast body protection panels on the lower section are made with a considerable 20 cm clearance around the wheel arches. The high-seated body highlights the width of the 753 mm wheels mounted on 19 inch rims. The underbelly has been reinforced to provide greater protection for the battery located in the middle of the chassis.

                        Each wheel on 4EVER Trophy has a visible compressor that can be readily adjusted from inside the car to adapt the tyre pressure to suit the terrain.

                        While 4EVER Trophy is clearly an off-road car by nature, it was also designed to be enjoyed on any road, fuss-free. The future electric 4L aims to be as versatile as its predecessor once was – or rather has always been since 1962.


                        A FUTURE B SEGMENT SUV

                        The 4EVER Trophy show car paves the way for the future all-electric B Segment SUV that will be at ease on urban and rural roads alike.

                        Like the Renault 5, it will be made using the new CMF-BEV platform for B segment electric vehicles. The platform will guarantee the best performance in terms of range, acoustics, and on-road behaviour, without compromising on the design.

                        The market positioning of the future Renault 5 and Renault 4 will be much like that of Clio and Captur. The 4EVER Trophy and Renault 5 Prototype on display at the Renault stand during the Paris Motor Show embody Renault’s “nouvelle vague”.

                        Like its predecessor, the future vehicle built off 4EVER Trophy’s design will be made in France. Thanks to their shared traits, all vehicles using the CMF-BEV platform will be built in the ElectriCity hub in northern France.


                        Length: 4,160 mm
                        Width: 1,950 mm
                        Height: 1,900 mm

                        Wheelbase: 2,570 mm

                        Front and rear tyres: 255/55R19

                        Powertrain: full-electric, wound rotor


                        Access the Renault event platform at the Mondial de l’Auto: https://events.renault.com/en/

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                          Lo han cambiado de color, ahora con un color original del 4L, Ile-de-France Blue



                          Nota de prensa, en inglés

                          The Renault 4EVER Trophy wearing colours of the 1962 4L

                          • The Renault 4EVER Trophy show-car revisits the iconic Ile-de-France Blue that débuted on the 4L in 1962.
                          • The 4EVER Trophy’s new look will be publicly shown for the first time at the French Open when it opens on May 22.

                          While production of the 4L stopped more than 30 years ago, its name is still a head-liner! This was made evident when the Renault 4EVER Trophy show-car was unveiled last year at the Paris Motor Show. Inspired by the original Renault 4, the show car paves the way for a future compact full-electric B-segment SUV and is sure to cause quite a stir when showing off its new look at the 2023 French Open in Paris!

                          To accentuate its delightfully retro charm, the 4EVER Trophy comes decked in a hue inspired by the launch colour for the 4L back in 1962: Ile-de-France Blue.

                          Its sophisticated and tech-inspired design is enhanced thanks to the fluorescent yellow accents on the roof straps, shield, shock springs, and wheel emblems.

                          An exciting homage to the iconic tennis balls of the French Open, it underlines the show car’s off-road spirit and reflects the keys traits of the original model.

                          The 4EVER Trophy will début its brand-new body colour on May 22, 2023, for the opening qualifying rounds of the French Open in Paris.




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                            ¿Foto de la versión definitiva?
                            Fuente: Worldscoop

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                              Puede ser un modelo de arcilla más definitivo.

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                                Diria que es la foto del concept pero movida para engañar…

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                                  Podría ser una maqueta descartada

                                  Avatar de Valentin

                                    La foto correspondía a un modelo miniatura.
                                    Fuente: Worldscoop


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                                      Vamos que ha intentao marcar un clickbait jeje

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