Dacia Sandero III | Logan III | Renault Taliant (2020)

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    Veremos como cambian el frontal, que es lo que le hacen…


    Prueba de Caradisiac de la versión SCe de 65cv

    Chiffres clés *

    • Longueur : 4,08 m
    • Largeur : 1,84 m
    • Hauteur : NC
    • Nombre de places : 5 places
    • Volume du coffre : 328 l / 1 108 l
    • Boite de vitesse : Méca. à 5 rapports
    • Carburant : Essence
    • Taux d’émission de CO2 : 120 g/km
    • Malus : NC
    • Date de commercialisation du modèle : Non communiquée



















    Nota de prensa, en inglés

    Extreme: the trim level that caters for adventure-seeking Dacia customers

    • For all adventures and Outdoor design lovers
    • An enhanced driving experience in the Spring Extreme now available with the ELECTRIC 65 new motor
    • Helping customers go off the beaten track, Extended Grip, a standard feature, now available on Sandero Stepway Extreme and Jogger Extreme
    • Negotiating the most challenging environments with the Duster 4×4
    • Brand reveals the ingenious Sleep Pack – part of the new InNature accessory range
    • Orders open from 1 March 2023


    At the European Motor Show in Brussels, Dacia offered a sneak preview of its all-new Extreme trim level on the Spring. This trim level will now be available on three other flagship models in the Dacia range including the Sandero Stepway and replacing the limited-edition Extreme versions of the Jogger and the Duster.

    Dacia, synonymous with the outdoors, emphasises its position through the Extreme trim level. Adventures, outdoor activities, solo discoveries – or with seven others – can be enjoyed with Dacia’s robust vehicle range. The Extreme trim level has a distinctive look that subtly embodies the outdoors.

    Features include:

    The exterior:

    • New body colour: Cedar Green (Stepway, Jogger and Duster)/Slate Blue (Spring)
    • Glossy black shark fin antenna (Stepway, Jogger and Duster)
    • Model name in Copper Brown lettering on the roof rails (Stepway, Jogger and Duster)/Copper Brown accents on the roof rails (Spring)
    • Copper Brown accents on the wing mirror caps and the hubcaps, Copper Brown Dacia lettering on the boot
    • Stripes with a topographical design on the front doors, a reference to the Duster’s signature snorkel between the front doors and the front wings (Spring, Stepway and Jogger)
    • Copper Brown accents near the fog lights (Stepway and Jogger)/Copper Brown accents near the headlights (Spring)
    • Sills with a topographical design (Spring, Stepway and Jogger)
    • Glossy black alloy wheels (diameter: 17 inches on Duster, 16 inches on Stepway and Jogger)
    • B-pillars with a topographical design and wing flares (Duster)
    • Copper brown snorkel (Duster)

    The interior:

    • A new type of upholstery that is grey in colour, MicroCloud, is included in the Extreme trim level (on Stepway, Jogger and Duster), covering the door panels and the seats (Stepway, Jogger and Duster) as well as the dashboard (Stepway and Jogger). MicroCloud was specially developed for vehicle-related applications (i.e. seats and other inner components). It offers excellent resistance to wear and tear, is very easy to clean, looks similar to velvet yet unique, and is soft and pleasant to the touch.
    • The Dacia Link logo embossed on the front seats
    • Rubber floor mats with a topographical design in the front row
    • Rubber floor mats with a topographical design in the second row (Stepway, Duster and Jogger) and the third row (Jogger)
    • Copper Brown trim on the front door panels and around the air vents
    • Door sills with a topographical pattern
    • Copper Brown trim around the base of the gear stick (Duster)
    • Copper Brown topstitching on the gear stick bellows (Duster)
    • Copper Brown trim around the navigation panel (Spring)


    With the launch of the new Spring Extreme trim, Dacia is also premiering the all-new ELECTRIC 65 motor (65hp / 48kW). Available only on the Spring Extreme, the new engine is coupled with a new unique gearbox (that multiplies torque transmitted to the wheels), while providing greater acceleration and recovery over a wide range.

    Thanks to the all-new ELECTRIC 65 motor, Spring Extreme has a range of 220 km in WLTP Mixed cycle and 305 km in WLTP City cycle.

    The ELECTRIC 45 engine (45hp / 33kW) will continue to feature on the Essential trim.


    Negotiating muddy, snowy or slippery surfaces can prove challenging in two-wheel drive. Dacia’s clever Extended Grip solution leaves drivers free to venture off the beaten track.

    Extended Grip comes as a standard feature on the Extreme trim level of the Stepway and the Jogger. Once activated via a button on the centre console, it enables the wheels to turn more freely and better grip loose surfaces by adjusting the electronic stability control (ESC) settings.

    The Duster, Dacia’s iconic outdoorsy vehicle, is available as a four-wheel drive and remains one of the most dependable SUVs on the market.


    The Sleep Pack is the first accessory to be launched as part of the InNature accessory range. Available with all Jogger trim levels, the Sleep Pack makes it possible to turn the passenger compartment into a bedroom in just a few minutes. This removable accessory is compatible with all Jogger vehicles produced since its launch. The two removable seats in the third row of the 7-seater version of the Jogger need to be taken out before the pack can be set up.

    The aim was to produce a pack that was simple, removable and affordable.

    Simple: The pack features three key components: a double bed that can be set up unassisted in less than two minutes, a shelf and storage space

    Removable: The pack (including the mattress) weighs less than 50kg.

    Affordable: The pack costs €1,490 when ordered with a new Jogger vehicle or €1,790 when ordered separately (N.B. These are the France prices and include VAT.) This simple and clever wooden accessory is intended to complement pieces of camping equipment many users already have (such as coolers or portable stoves). The pack would be less appealing and more expensive if it included such equipment.

    Optimised cargo capacity, a discreet Sleep Pack and generous dimensions

    When the cargo cover is in place, the pack is hidden and the Jogger looks like a regular 5-seater. The clever engineering of the wooden box ensures the (220L) storage area can be accessed at all times, whether or not the pack has been set up. The cargo cover featuring the logo can be used as a shelf when in place.

    The sliding bed system inside the rear doors includes a 190cm x 130cm mattress. This set-up offers ample headroom of at least 60cm.

    Accessories complementing Dacia’s InNature Sleep Pack are available:

    • Blackout blinds for all windows, offering light and privacy control
    • A smart tent that can be connected to the Jogger when the boot is open, providing extra sleeping space


    Having launched our new brand identity across all our models, we are now launching a new trim level across several models in the Dacia range. The Extreme trim level encapsulates Dacia’s outdoorsy sprit and gives even greater meaning to our brand promise. Spring, Sandero Stepway, Duster and Jogger will all be available in the Extreme trim level, which boasts a unique adventurous look and features that complement outdoor activity equipment.

    Lionel Jaillet – VP, Dacia, Product Performance

    Precio (con descuentos) para este modelo en España: 17.470 €



    Prueba de consumo de la variante con GLP

    Consumo en diferentes situaciones de conducción

    • Tráfico urbano (Roma): 8,2 l/100 km (12,1 km/l) – 484 km de autonomía teórica
    • Mixto (urbano y extraurbano): 7,6 l/100 km (13,1 km/l) – 524 km de autonomía teórica
    • Autopista: 8,8 l/100 km (11,3 km/l) – 452 km de autonomía teórica
    • Uso económico: 4,5 l/100 km (22,2 km/l) – 888 km de autonomía teórica


    Coche: Dacia Sandero TCe 100 GLP ECO-G Expression
    Precio base: 14.490 euros
    Día de la prueba: 11/04/2023
    Meteorología (salida/destino): Despejado, 18°/Despejado, 15°
    Precio del combustible: 0,967 euros/l (GLP)
    Km del test: 855
    Km totales al inicio del test: 2.171
    Velocidad media en el trayecto Roma-Forlì: 75 km/h
    Neumáticos: Bridgestone Turanza T005 – 185/65 R15 88H


    Media real: 5,65 l/100 km (17,70 km/l)
    Ordenador de a bordo: 5,8 l/100 km
    En el surtidor: 5,5 l/100 km

    Datos económicos

    Gasto real: 19,66 euros
    Gasto mensual: 43,68 euros (800 km al mes)
    Distancia con 20 euros: 366 km
    Distancia con el depósito lleno: 708 km





    Perfecto para ir de A a B, que es de lo que se trata.


    pero este es el actual con el nuevo logo, no el facelift APM!


    Al precio que se han puesto los coches es un top seller en todos los mercados porque ofrece lo que se necesita en ese segmento , funcional con un diseño que gusta a todos, no es estridente , y un precio ajustado , para ciudad o desplazamientos cortos no necesitas más ni te gastas cerca de 25k de otros competidores


    Y no es por exagerar, pero el otro día me subí en un Mercedes (no me acuerdo cuál, era un SUV) que costaba 60k y tenía peor interior.


    Si era el GLC anterior si que había algunos plásticos de calidad regulera, el actual no lleva esos plásticos tan malos.

Viendo 13 entradas - de la 261 a la 273 (de un total de 273)
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