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2010 Spyker D12

INICIO FOROS NOVEDADES Fotos espía y futuros modelos 2010 Spyker D12

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      2010 Spyker D12

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        Un SUV de Spyker, se presentara en Ginebra. La locura.


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            No tiene mala pinta.

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                Pues me reservo mi comentario, lo poco que veo no me dice mucho…

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                La linea general parece muy deportiva para un SUV, a ver en que queda la cosa

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                  [quote quote=”redbaron”]Some pics of the building of the concept car
                  http://www.autovisie.nl/_internal/cimg!0/38b5w840x97cj.jpg http://www.autovisie.nl/_internal/cimg!0/38b5w840x97ci.jpg

                  bablefished story from http://www.autovisie.nl:

                  [quote]On Tuesday are first SUV reveal Spyker in Genève. During an exclusive visit to the factory in Coventry we made photograph of D12 Peking-to-Paris in gestation and noted down we the first information on the car.

                  Spyker would not be if it came with zomaar a competitor for the Porsche cayenne. The marks with which Spyker not even measure themselves – Aston Martin, Ferrari and Bentley – hébben SUV. CEO Victor more muller speak thus of a super sport Utility Vehicle, a volbloed sport car disguised as terreinwagen. D12 Peking-to-Paris have a length of approximately 5 meters in combination with a breadth of 2 and an altitude of for and close 1.70 meter. For a car with such outside half-measures the streefgewicht of the SSUV is remarkably low: 1850 kilos. D12 their own made spaceframe get, fabricated of aluminium. An absolute condition for more muller, which wants distinguish himself with that low weight of the miserable competition that he of the Porsche cayenne turbo will experience. That car weighs, as it happens, 2355 kilos. Under the cap of Peking-to-Paris lie of Audi obtained W12-motor. In A8 the twelve cylinder provides 450 pk, but more muller promises a capacity of minimum 500 pk. The strength source is also provided in the Volkswagen Touareg, the car with which the new Spyker are aandrijflijn share. In contrast to earlier rumours concerning middenmotor the SSUV get the engine vóórin. The luchtinlaten – normally to the back of the car -, characteristic for Spyker, move simply, to under the windshield. The back of the four portieren gets in to simplify, opens to the back. A reference to the renowned past of Spyker, to which thanks D12 the name also its and four wheel traction: Spyker provided in 1903, and drove the first four-wheel-operated car (then still with a six cylinder engine) of peking to Paris. The interieur has been inspired by the plane industry, a company branch in which Spyker have been also active. The cockpit has been carried out twice: the instruments also sit on the passenger side. Buds are served with tuimelschakelaars. Because a b b-pilaar is lacking, gets the D12 two spijlen between the roof and the middenconsole. Four are based on we let us know already from other Spyker-modellen. THE SSUV stand on disproportionate 24-inch ‘ aeroblade ‘ wheels. A family face the front of the drawer Turbie, which, ensures logically what will appear higher in the binnenspiegel. Spyker have considerable expectations of Peking-to-Paris: it expects that the SSUV their most important model will become. End 2007 comes the car on the market. The pricetag can exceed over 300,000 euro.[/quote][/quote]

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                    No se ve muy S.U.V.

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                      Opino lo mismo que Mondeo.

                      PD: El botón de insertar cita NO FUNCIONA.


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                        Lo pongo aqui porque creo que hacen referencia al mismo coche, el D8 Peking To Paris :

                        [img width=650 height=395]http://log.autogespot.com/04-2009/d8mule/1.jpg

                        We’ve got some news on the D8 Peking-To–Paris as well. Spyker has shown the car to the audience a long time ago and now, two years later, they’ve started testing the car. We can see a heavily modified Land Rover Defender with a Lotus suspension attached to it. The sports car manufacturer hopes to produce the first D8 cars by the end of this year.

                        A lo mejor estoy un poco mal, pero esa mula del Defender me encanta!!!

                        De: Autogespot

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                          Hasta que no vea, no opino. No es cuestión de fe.

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                            Voy a esperar a ver algo más

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                              q lo dejen así!!!

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                                  Parece una copia china de un Jeep…

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                                    Hostia! Premio a mejor mula del año!  😆

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                                        Me encanta como esta mula tipo Land Rover luce su logo de Spyker en la trasera

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