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Audi Q2 (2016)

INICIO FOROS NOVEDADES Vehículos presentados Audi Q2 (2016)

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      Audi Q2 (2016)

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        2016 Audi Q2

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          [img width=650 height=360]http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/upload/7816/images/01AudiQ1.jpg

          [i]Volkswagen is about to launch a slew of small crossovers – led by the Audi Q1, Skoda Yeti and VW Polo SUV. The joint Cayenne/Touareg/Q7 project has been seen as a success, so the Germans are repeating the plan with a family of smaller 4x4s. Skoda’s baby mud-plugger will arrive first in 2009, followed by the Audi Q1 a year later and the Polo SUV in 2011 – but all our eyes are on the baby Audi.

          Ingolstadt reckons that up to half of the 200,000 A1s it plans to build a year could be the tall-roof, four-wheel drive baby off-roaders. Whereas the Yeti and Polo will be sold as five-doors, Ingolstadt’s junior mud-plugger could be sold in sporty, three-door-only trim.

          Audi is talking about prices from £16,000 to £20,000, on the Continent at least – pitching it squarely against the upcoming Mini Grossman (which has been delayed so many times that pessimists believe it may never materialise), the Land Rover LRX and a potential Volvo XC30.
          Audi is planning a narrower range of engines for the Q1, with only two displacements: a 1.4 petrol four (in power outputs spanning from 122 to 170bhp), and a 1.6-litre common-rail diesel (from 80 to 130bhp). All engines will be offered with six-speed manual or seven-speed DSG twin-clutch gearboxes. As previewed on the A1 concept car in Tokyo, the Q1 will eventually be offered as a mild hybrid.

          Audi Q1: the looks

          Visually, the Q1 is tipped to follow the theme set by Q5 and Q3. The trick is to ensure sufficient differentiation between the three model lines and to establish a strong visual link to the base models, in this case the A1. So the number of doors, the position, width and angle of the C-posts, the relation between grille and headlamps, the plan view and the proportion of the overhangs will all echo the A1 premium supermini.

          Expect a coupe-type roof, a tall windowline and a minimalistic greenhouse. There may be a five-door version, and design chief Wolfgang Egger’s team are pondering a shooting brake theme (check out the A2 Open Air and Steppenwolf concepts).

          Audi’s electric future?

          By 2015 at the latest, all Audis will switch to electrically operated brakes. In a parallel development, the Ingolstadt R&D wizards are working on electric wheel hub motors which may one faraway day put the conventional internal combustion engine out of work.
          How about unsprung masses, you ask? Well, Audi has already patented a new inertia-neutralising suspension concept which is said to cure this problem at speeds higher than 30mph.

          Audi and GM: similar ideas

          The intermediate mild hybrid approach will in the Q1 feature a small diesel engine which drives a generator and thus the battery. This effectively means full-time electric propulsion, a solution remarkably similar to GM’s E-Flex idea. Highlights include electric launch and complete cycle brake regeneration with engine-off under a trailing throttle.[/i]


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            Esto es un no parar.. no habrá nada debajo del Q3. No lo creo en absoluto. Esto ya es para reirse.. BMW que hará, un BMW X menos 1?

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              Esa recreación es [url url=http://cochespias.net/foro/http://cochespias.net//viewtopic.php?p=131104#p131104]muy viejuna.[/url]

              Sigo pensando que este Q1 será la versión 3 puertas del Q3.

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                Lo que dice Sunzote tendría más sentido. Al estilo Vitara o Rav4 antiguo

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                  [quote quote=”sunzote”]
                  Esa recreación es [url url=http://cochespias.net/foro/http://cochespias.net//viewtopic.php?p=131104#p131104]muy viejuna.[/url]

                  Sigo pensando que este Q1 será la versión 3 puertas del Q3.

                  Pero el Q3 no iba a ser el 3p. del Q5?? Hay que lío.

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                    esto se parece a eso de ir a una tienda de modelismo y pillar el mismo coche en diferentes escalas:P

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                      creo yo, que el Q5 es rival del X3, GLK, el Q3 puede ser competencia de un hipotetico X1, y este Q1 seria la respuesta al mini-suv, al menos asi estructuraria la gama yo

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                        La portada de CocheActual de esta semana:
                        [img width=600 height=815]http://cocheactual.es/fotos/sumarios/originales/portada1055.jpg

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                          Coges un Cross Coupe Quattro, le plantas el frontal del A1, lo pintas de naranja… ¡¡Y listo!!! 😀

                          PD: Eso sí, yo no sé hacer eso 😀

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                            Que se fijen más en el Steppenwolf que en comparación los Audis de ahora no me parecen tan bonitos, sobretodo los de los faros chuchurríos que en una parte son más estrechos y parecen medio deformes.

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                              a bue.. que feos.

                              Avatar de christian r32

                                Esto lo encontre hace un tiempo por la red, se que esta un poco desfasado en comparación con el diseño de audi ahora, pero…
                                Le encuentro que tiene su cosilla.

                                Avatar de juaniemede

                                  no me convence. Me gustaria menos gordo.

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                                    [i]Audi has hinted at launching a new Q3 compact crossover positioned below the Q5 ever since the debut of 2007’s Cross Coupe quattro concept. However, an even smaller soft-roader is expected to be launched to help Audi reach its goal of delivering 40 different models by 2015. The new entry-level soft-roader is likely to be called the Q1 and latest reports claim it won’t come onto the market until late 2012 at the earliest.

                                    Rising fuel prices are causing buyers of large SUVs to downsize to smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles, but many don’t want to give up some of the unique characteristics of their SUVs – namely, the taller ride height and line of sight. Carmakers are predicting strong growth in the compact SUV segment and are racing to develop a new generation of tiny soft-roaders. Audi’s parent company, Volkswagen, is expected to launch a new SUV version of its next-generation Polo and BMW is currently testing prototypes for its new X1.

                                    The new Q1 is expected to be based on Audi’s upcoming A1 minicar, which itself will be based on a modified Polo platform. The car will measure approximately 3.95m in length and will feature a coupe-styled body. Both two and four-door versions are expected to be released.

                                    Power will come from a 1.4L TFSI four-cylinder engine producing 125hp (93kW) or a TSI unit with 150hp (112kW). Diesel fans will be able to pick from a 1.2L TDI with 80hp (60kW) or a 1.6L TDI with 120hp (90kW).[/i]



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                                      No me gusta nada.

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                                        el que pone christianr32 parece un micromachine.

                                        Avatar de CgD

                                          Los de motorauthority todavía no se han enterado que TFSI es lo mismo que TSI.

                                          El coche no está mal pero aún quedan todavía 3 años hasta poder verlo…

                                          Avatar de nordes77

                                            En este tamaño no deberían hacer otra cosa más que un A1 Allroad. Tener cuatro SUVs en la gama me parece una locura.

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