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Mobilize Solo Concept (2022)

INICIO FOROS NOVEDADES Concept Cars y Salones del Automóvil Mobilize Solo Concept (2022)

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      Modelo conceptual de transporte unipersonal completamente eléctrico

      Medidas Mobilize Solo Concept
      Largo 1,37 m
      Ancho 0,90 m
      Alto 1,75 m

      Tres opciones de carga: enchufable, inductiva (inalámbrica) y baterías de conmutación

      Velocidad máxima: 25 km/h

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        Nota de prensa, en inglés

        Solo Concept: an extension of yourself

        Solo Concept is a forward-looking mobility project and part of Mobilize’s aim to work on all forms of mobility. It is a single occupancy vehicle designed to have a minimal footprint (1.37 m long).

        More broadly, Solo Concept illustrates the way Mobilize is thinking beyond current automotive conventions: it embodies ultra-light, free-flowing and agile mobility. The project came from Renault’s Indian studio, which is well known for its remarkable inventiveness, and the designers’ initial idea involved a skateboard with an umbrella.

        With Solo Concept, the body and object meld in a way that feels like wearing clothes. The driver, here, moves around in a cool, calm semi-seated position.

        Mobilize also sees this concept as an opportunity to partner with players in the fashion sector, for example to create nomadic accessories for personalisation (clothes, bags and luggage).

        Reinforced protection on a 3-wheel vehicle

        Solo Concept moves at low speeds (up to 25 km/h). Drivers do not require a licence, safety belt or helmet, and have a joystick for a steering wheel (a nod to the videogaming world). Its enveloping body, airbag, and foot-activated emergency button to stop the car if there is a risk provide a good level of safety. Solo Concept, in other words, provides better protection than scooters, one-wheelers and other personal transporters in the event of an accident.

        Solo Concept has three wheels: two for traction at the front and a smaller one for steering at the rear. Its body is asymmetric and only opens on the left-hand side. Inside, the reclining seat swivels forward to open up a deep storage compartment designed to fit a bag. The cockpit and body can be easily hosed down. Solo Concept’s structure is made with 50% recycled materials and the vehicle is 95% recyclable.

        Three charging options

        Several Solo Concept vehicles can slot together to occupy less space in car parks: one standard parking space can fit up to six Solo Concept units in single file.

        There are three charging options: plug-in, inductive (wireless) and switching batteries. With inductive technology, one point can charge several slotted Solo Concept vehicles at the same time (the one at the front is plugged into the terminal and uses induction to transfer electricity to the others behind it). Solo Concept’s battery can also be removed and charged at home (like an e-bike battery).

        Dimensions: Length: 1.37 m – Width: 0.90 m – Height: 1.75 m

        “Solo Concept is fun, functional, and true to the Mobilize brand’s values. It was designed to take up as little space as possible in cities and to include as many safety features as possible inside, plus weather protection. We also worked on coming up with a posture that the user finds both comfortable and relaxed, pointing to the vehicle’s ultra-mobility,” explains Patrick Lecharpy, VP Design, Mobilize.

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                Me gusta, muy estilizado. Lo venderán en España? me interesa un cacharro de estos

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                    De momento es un concept @S18J, dudo que tenga visos de salir a la calle algo así…

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