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      Estrena nuevo logo y slogan




      Nota de prensa, en inglés

      Aston Martin takes off into new era with brand repositioning and new iconic wings logo


      • Bold new creative identity unveiled, as part of strategic repositioning to accelerate the brand’s growth and appeal to new audiences
      • New version of iconic hand-enamelled wings to feature on next generation sportscars
      • Intensity. Driven. brand expression celebrates the emotional intensity of driving an Aston Martin and the reinjection of its performance DNA

      20 July 2022, Gaydon, UK: Aston Martin’s iconic wings are taking flight into an intense new era, with the British ultra-luxury marque today launching a bold new creative brand strategy and global marketing campaign to further accelerate its growth amongst new audiences.

      Celebrating the company’s position as makers of the most exquisitely addictive performance cars and centred on the brand idea Intensity. Driven. the creative identity builds on Aston Martin’s strong, established reputation for combining luxurious craftsmanship and sophisticated design with high-octane emotion and intense driving pleasure, as defined by breath-taking new models such as DBX707, V12 Vantage and the uncompromising Aston Martin Valkyrie.

      The strategic repositioning is the largest investment in Aston Martin’s brand for more than a decade and strengthens its position at the pinnacle of the performance ultra-luxury segment. It builds on Aston Martin’s growing appeal to a wider, affluent global audience strategically targeted by the brand, whilst underpinning its core values.

      In addition to the new visual and verbal expression, the radical redesign includes a contemporary update to the iconic wings, created by the manufacturer’s world-renowned design function in collaboration with acclaimed British art director and graphic designer Peter Saville.

      In physical form, the new wings design is hand-crafted by artisans in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter and will be applied for the first time on Aston Martin’s next generation of sports cars, which will further enhance Aston Martin’s focus on ultra-luxury, performance and driving intensity.

      It is the first major update to the marque since 2003 and only the eighth time in Aston Martin’s 109-year history that it has been significantly adjusted. To mark the launch, Aston Martin has released behind-the-scenes photography of the unique jewelling process at Vaughtons studio in Birmingham, the 203-year-old silversmiths firm famed for crafting the Football Association Cup and medals for the 1908 London Olympics.

      This weekend, the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1TM Team will proudly feature the new wings on its livery for the French Grand Prix. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the brand’s first Grand Prix entry, Aston Martin will symbolically race with its original button logo on the nose of its cars, mirroring the marque featured on its first Grand Prix entries in 1922.

      Intensity. Driven. is brought to life in a breathless short film, featuring all five of Aston Martin’s current high-performance production models. Conveying the feeling of driving and the emotional connection drivers have with their cars, the film showcases the stimulating physiological effects of driving an Aston Martin, with sensorial data visualisations of pupil dilation and heartrate obtained through biometric testing during thrilling high-speed laps in an Aston Martin Valkyrie, the ultimate hypercar.

      A series of high-impact social, digital, and print assets – featuring evocative imagery and emotive, sophisticated short and long form copy celebrating Aston Martin’s passion for craftsmanship, attention to detail and winning performance – will also be released globally.

      Renato Bisignani, Head of Global Marketing and Communications at Aston Martin said: “Building on our return to the pinnacle of motorsport in Formula One, the launch of Intensity. Driven. marks the next phase in our evolution of the Aston Martin brand, as we unleash its global potential and maximise our unique position at the cutting-edge of ultra-luxury and high performance.

      “Retaining the elegance and sophistication that our brand and products are revered for worldwide, this emotionally led creative direction dials up the bolder, edgier, and more intense characteristics that have always underscored Aston Martin.

      “Whilst engaging our fiercely loyal customer base, we believe this new dimension will capitalise on the growing demand from a new generation of Aston Martin customers, with more than 60% of our current sales new to the brand.”

      Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Aston Martin said: “Because we are designing to make people fall in love, to connect with the hearts and minds of our customers, every object we design at Aston Martin has deep meaning and intention and is created with honesty and emotion.

      “As we approach an exciting moment of product evolution, the design of the new wings was no different. Every millimetre of each line – of each shape within the new wings, are drawn forward from the depths of our 109-year Aston Martin creative wellspring.

      “Adding Peter Saville, an icon in British graphic design and an inspirational creative figure to me personally, took our exploration and evolution of the wings to another level. And now, to see this new identity, hand-crafted in physical form at Birmingham’s jewellery quarter, is a proud moment for everyone involved. It’s the first step to the wings taking centre stage on our next generation of ultra-luxury performance sports cars.”

      Peter Saville said: “The Aston Martin wings update is a classic example of the necessary evolution of logotypes of provenance.

      “Subtle but necessary enhancements not only keep forms fresh, but allow for new technologies, situations and applications to be accommodated in the future. The process was one of clarifying and emphasising the key feature of the Aston Martin marque.”

      Discover more about Intensity. Driven. and Aston Martin’s drive to bring intensity to life: http://www.astonmartin.com

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        Los logos a lo largo de la historia




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          No es un cambio muy grande pero si te fijas se ven más los cambios que en un golf entre generaciones

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            Parece que todas las marcas tienden a la simplificación en su logo

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              Geely compra el 7.6% de acciones de Aston martin

              Geely Acquires 7.6% Stake In Aston Martin Lagonda

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                  Parece que Aston tiene previsto sacar hasta 8 nuevos deportivos, y uno de ellos será eléctrico. Lógicamente alguno de ellos será la variante descapotable


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                    Tienen que dejarse de tanto GT y lanzar SUVs que les permitan pagar más coupés

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                      Un aston martin para competir contra el macan debería pasar más pronto que tarde, por ejemplo

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                        Geely aumenta su participación en Aston Martin

                        Can Geely turn Aston Martin into an EV powerhouse after doubling its stake?

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                          Fábrica terminada

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                            El 27 de Junio Aston Martin presentará su road map.

                            Los modelos que anticipará llegarán en los próximos 5 años, esto incluye con motor de combustión y un eléctrico que llegará en 2026.

                            En total de combustión se esperan 7 modelos de las familias, DB11, Vantage  y DBS.

                            Fuente: Autocar



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                              Si no hacen ningún suv están vendidos.

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                                Aston Martin y Lucid se unen para el desarrollo de futuros modelos eléctricos

                                Es un contrato de 450 millones de dólares

                                Habrá una plataforma modular que dará lugar a modelos GT, deportivos, SUV y hypercars


                                Esto no va a chocar con la asociación con Mercedes, que seguirá aportando tecnologías, mecánicas (combustión, hibridas y eléctricas), arquitecturas eléctricas…


                                Aston Martin Joins Forces With Lucid To Power Its Future EVs

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                                  Nota de prensa, en inglés

                                  Aston Martin to create industry leading ultra-luxury high performance electric vehicles

                                  • All-new modular BEV platform underpins future portfolio of ultra-luxury high-performance electrified Aston Martin hypercar, Sports, GT and SUV models 
                                  • Strategic supply agreement with Lucid Group to include access to industry-leading technologies and long-term relationship whereby Lucid will supply Aston Martin with select powertrain components for initial and future BEV models
                                  • Electrification strategy is a pillar of Aston Martin’s wider Racing. Green. Sustainability strategy, and forms part of a £2 billion investment in technology
                                  • Mercedes-Benz AG to continue to provide Aston Martin with access to a range of world-class technologies, including powertrain and electric/electronic architectures for current and future generation Aston Martin vehicles, including internal combustion engine, hybrid and electric vehicles. 


                                  26 June 2023, Gaydon, UK: Aston Martin today hits the accelerator on its ambition to create the world’s most thrilling and highly desirable electric performance cars, with the formation of a landmark new supply agreement with world-leading electric vehicle technologies company, Lucid Group, which will help propel Aston Martin’s high-performance electrification strategy and its long-term growth.

                                  The proposed agreement announced this morning to the London Stock Exchange would see Lucid, a world-leader in the design and manufacture of advanced electric powertrains and battery systems, supply Aston Martin with industry-leading electric vehicle technologies. Access to Lucid’s current and future powertrain and battery technology will be at the centre of Aston Martin’s all-new in-house Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) platform.

                                  Aston Martin’s electrification programme forms a pillar of the ultra-luxury brand’s wider Racing. Green. sustainability strategy and will see an investment of over £2 billion in advanced technologies over the next five years, with investment phasing from ICE to BEV technology.

                                  Lawrence Stroll, Executive Chairman of Aston Martin, said: “The supply agreement with Lucid is a game changer for the future EV-led growth of Aston Martin. Based on our strategy and requirements, we selected Lucid, gaining access to the industry’s highest performance and most innovative technologies for our future BEV products.

                                  “We will not only leverage the significant investments Lucid has made to develop its world-class technologies, but will also further enhance and differentiate the drive experience through the work Roberto Fedeli and his teams are already developing, aligned with our ultra-luxury, high-performance strategy.

                                  “Along with Mercedes-Benz, we now have two world-class suppliers to support the internal development and investments we are making to deliver our electrification strategy. With the recently announced long-term partnership with Geely, we will also gain the opportunity to access their range of technologies and components, as well as their deep expertise of the key strategic market of China.

                                  “Overall, today’s announcement is a further significant step towards delivering our ambition for Aston Martin.”

                                  Aston Martin boasts an exceptional track record when it comes to creating intelligent and adaptable vehicle platforms This all-new bespoke platform, developed by Aston Martin, will form the basis of the Company’s entire future electrified model range; from hypercars to sports cars, GTs and SUVs, the first of which is targeted for launch in 2025. Before then Aston Martin will deliver its first plug-in hybrid – the mid-engined supercar, Valhalla – in 2024 and by 2026, all new Aston Martin model lines will feature an electrified powertrain option, with the long-term objective for its core range to be fully electrified by 2030.

                                  As also announced today, Mercedes-Benz AG will continue to provide Aston Martin access to a range of world-class technologies, including powertrain and electric/electronic architectures for current and future generation Aston Martin vehicles, including internal combustion engine, hybrid and electric vehicles.

                                  Roberto Fedeli, Chief Technology Officer of Aston Martin, said: “The proposed agreement with Lucid forms a significant pillar of our electrification strategy, providing Aston Martin with access to the industry’s leading powertrain and battery systems technology. Combined with our internal development, this will allow us to create a single bespoke BEV platform suitable for all future Aston Martin products, all the way from hypercars to sports cars and SUVs.

                                  “In addition, we will continue to expand our in-house powertrain capabilities, allowing us to provide the thrilling performance and intense driving experience we know that our customers love and expect from Aston Martin.”

                                  For an emotion-driven marque renowned for its rousing internal combustion engines the transition to hybrid and full battery-electric powertrains is an elemental challenge. With Lucid’s cutting edge powertrain technology and advanced Mercedes-Benz electronic architecture at their heart, this near-future family of electrified Aston Martins will be propelled by sustainable, next-generation technology honed to deliver the optimum blend of scintillating class leading performance and brilliantly resolved vehicle dynamics.

                                  These advantages can be characterised by exceptional battery system efficiency, which brings major advantages in terms of packaging and mass; inverter technology that controls the rate and efficiency of energy discharge and recouperation; and twin motor technology that facilitates infinitely tuneable four-wheel torque vectoring.

                                  Such precise control of power delivery to each wheel opens new horizons for Aston Martin’s world-class dynamics engineers, whose focus is firmly set on not just preserving the driving experience, but elevating it to a new level of intensity and enjoyment. By precisely metering how much torque goes to each wheel there is infinite scope to apply meticulous software integration to create a unique and distinct dynamic fingerprint for each Aston Martin BEV model from the same platform and powertrain hardware and to continue to deliver class leading driving dynamics.

                                  Assisting in this quest is Aston Martin Performance Technologies (AMPT). The consulting arm of the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One® team, AMPT expertly applies the knowledge and methodologies employed in Formula One® to Aston Martin road car programmes, with the rapid problem-solving skills and technology transfer accelerating the pace of development, increasing efficiency and amplifying performance.

                                  Active aerodynamics and drag reduction will play an increasingly significant part in enhancing the efficiency and extending the range of any given BEV model. Likewise intelligent powertrain management will extract the most miles from each charge, performance for longer being the overriding objective in every area of Aston Martin’s BEV development.

                                  Sleek, wind-cheating bodywork – facilitated by no longer needing to feed air to a hungry internal combustion engine – will play its part, with active cooling vents and airflow management around the wheel arches and underbody working to reduce the impact of wide tyres required to transmit the immense power and immediate torque delivery of the battery-electric powertrain.

                                  Complementing development of its BEV model lines Aston Martin is working closely with other partners to raise the bar for performance and efficiency. For example, long-time technical partner Brembo is developing new brake-by-wire technology that will control the compression and retraction of brake pads electronically, thereby increasing vehicle range, improving brake response and reducing pad wear and particulate emissions. Aston Martin and Pirelli are also poised to showcase the very latest generation of P Zero R tyre featuring Pirelli Cyber Tyre: a system of sensors that gather a wide range of data and can provide a reliable gauge of the load going through each individual tyre to calculate a more accurate real-world range.

                                  The supply agreement with Lucid is further evidence of Aston Martin’s absolute commitment to creating a world-leading sustainable, ultra-luxury high-performance brand. Whether developing world-class range of ICE, PHEV and BEV road cars, challenging for victories in Formula One® – the pinnacle of motorsport powered by the most energy efficient internal combustion engines ever made, Aston Martin’s company-wide Racing. Green. sustainability strategy is emblematic of a brand focussed on building brilliant cars for future generations.

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                                    La alianza de Aston Martin con Lucid puede ser la jugada de oro o el final de las dos.

                                    Pero promete la cosa

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                                      Aston Martin da nuevos detalles sobre su futura plataforma para eléctricos.

                                      Aston Martin - Plataforma BEV-jpg

                                       La estrategia de electrificación de alto rendimiento de Aston Martin ha recibido £9 millones de financiación gubernamental a través del Centro de Propulsión Avanzada del Reino Unido (APC), complementando aún más la investigación y el desarrollo del innovador vehículo eléctrico de batería modular (BEV) de Aston Martin.

                                      El innovador fabricante británico de ultralujo está asumiendo un compromiso de £ 2 mil millones en tecnologías avanzadas durante los próximos cinco años, y su inversión pasará gradualmente del motor de combustión interna (ICE) a la tecnología BEV.

                                      Project ELEVATION, un proyecto colaborativo de investigación y desarrollo de seis socios dirigido por Aston Martin, cuenta con el apoyo del Manufacturing Technology Centre, Expert Tooling & Automation, Creative Composites, Fuzzy Logic Studio y WMG de la Universidad de Warwick. El proyecto abordará los desafíos técnicos de desarrollar un paquete de baterías de tracción liviano de 800 V y una unidad de propulsión eléctrica delantera doble (EDU) en una plataforma BEV modular que va desde un superdeportivo hasta un SUV.

                                      Aston Martin está desarrollando alternativas al ICE y el lanzamiento del primer Aston Martin totalmente eléctrico está previsto para 2025. En 2024, la compañía entregará su primer híbrido enchufable: el superdeportivo de motor central, Valhalla. Para 2026, todas las nuevas líneas de modelos de Aston Martin contarán con una opción de tren motriz electrificado.

                                      Fuente: Aston Martin


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                                        Aston Martin presenta su nuevo motor V12.

                                        Motor Aston Martin V-12 biturbo

                                        Aston Martin se ha comprometido a continuar su línea de 25 años de buques insignia con motor V12 con una obra maestra técnica y un verdadero líder en su clase. 

                                        Con 835 CV y ​​un extraordinario par de 1.000 Nm, el nuevo motor V12 es inigualable. Como resultado de un rediseño completo, con objetivos de optimización y mejora, el nuevo motor refina cada etapa del proceso de combustión interna para lograr un rendimiento y una eficiencia sin precedentes.

                                        Los aspectos más destacados del nuevo motor V12 incluyen un bloque de cilindros y bielas reforzados, culatas rediseñadas que incorporan árboles de levas rediseñados y nuevos puertos de admisión y escape. Las bujías reposicionadas y los nuevos inyectores de combustible de mayor caudal ofrecen una combustión optimizada para un rendimiento líder en su clase y ganancias de eficiencia. Además, los nuevos turbocompresores de mayor velocidad y menor inercia ofrecen un mayor rendimiento y respuesta del acelerador.

                                        El nuevo motor V12, que estará presente en los modelos más exclusivos y de disponibilidad limitada de Aston Martin, es una audaz declaración de intención deportiva de lujo y, como tal, se fabricará a mano, año tras año, en cantidades estrictamente limitadas.

                                        Hará su primera aparición en un nuevo modelo insignia; sentado en el corazón de un verdadero disruptor dinámico que debutará más adelante en 2024, cuando se compartirán más detalles técnicos.

                                        Fuente: Aston Martin

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                                          Este motor irá en el nuevo Vanquish

                                          Avatar de BLACK_SLR

                                            Solo espero que esté en la parte trasera del concepto que algún día nos presentaron, pero seguramente será un DB12 modificado….

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