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Opel Mokka (2012-2019)

INICIO FOROS NOVEDADES Vehículos presentados Opel Mokka (2012-2019)

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  • Avatar de gusanllum

      Pues este SUV con la base del Trax estaría muy chulo. Original, diferente.

      Avatar de eL_aNcI

        Me sigue pareciendo un juguetito  😀

        *Imagen editada*

        Avatar de Aunar

          Eso es una cruza de Suzuki Alto con uno de los 3 pequeños prototipos que GM viene mostrando en los últimos salones.

          Avatar de sunz

            [img width=650 height=425]http://news-images.caradisiac.com/IMG/jpg/6/7/5/3/0/Opel_Corsa_SUV_CC1.jpg
            >>>[url url=http://news.caradisiac.com/Un-petit-4×4-chez-Opel-en-2010-894]caradisiac[/url]

            😀 😀 😀 😀

            Avatar de Fiorano

              Que no me entere de que te quitas ese avatar, sunzote!!

              Avatar de seba_s10

                caradisiac en su linea, hacen chops que tienen muy poca credibilidad, ademas de que cogen un corsa lo levantan un poco recortan un poco del faro y ala corsa suv

                Avatar de Leinad_topazio

                  soy el unico al que el ultimo (de color naranja) le parece un SKODA? O.o

                  Avatar de Aunar

                    El naranja es un chop hecho sobre un chop del Chevrolet Trax, coche que se presentó en el Salón de Nueva York en abril del 2007:


                    [img width=650 height=432]http://img451.imageshack.us/img451/7931/carscooptraxjl5.jpg

                    Avatar de Fiorano

                      [i]It’s the latest 4×4 that’s promising to take Vauxhall on a journey into uncharted territory… These are the first pictures of the eagerly [u]anticipated four-wheel-drive Corsa, a supermini SUV which is set to follow in the wheeltracks of the Antara when it goes on sale early in 2010[/u].

                      We first revealed plans to produce the go-anywhere model in Issue 964, but we’ve had to wait until now before we got to see it in the flesh. The rugged-looking newcomer, spied in prototype form on this Spanish transporter, is set to join a growing band of similar cars – including still-secret rivals based on the Ford Fiesta and Peugeot 207.

                      [u]Our pictures reveal the new machine’s beefed-up width and elevated ride height[/u]. These are expected to give greater off-road ability without ruining the standard car’s nimble, secure manners on the tarmac.

                      However, as our original scoop shows (below), the production version of the vehicle will also get tough looks, including rugged bumpers and body armour. There will also be under-body protection, along with a unique alloy wheel design.

                      All of this is unlikely to come cheap. The newcomer will sit at the top of the firm’s supermini range, next to the replacement Meriva, which was unveiled as a concept at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Despite the new Corsa’s SUV tag, bosses are keen to ensure that it is viewed as a frugal, low-emission car, rather than a gas-guzzling 4×4. As a result, it will bring together the firm’s most efficient powertrains, including a new diesel and a range of low-capacity, high-economy petrol turbos. In addition, the firm’s excellent 1.3 and 1.7-litre CDTI oil-burners will be tuned for low-down torque and refinement.

                      What’s more, the car may be among the first to offer GM’s long-awaited hybrid technology. Although this could make it expensive, a ‘mild’ system that combines a stop-start facility with regenerative braking and a small electric engine could improve economy and emissions.

                      The set-up could also be used to support the new car’s innovative transmission. Vauxhall insiders have revealed that engineers and designers want the car to deliver genuine off-road ability, with a proper 4×4 gearbox. While a cheaper front-wheel-drive variant will be available, flagship versions should carry this all-wheel-drive technology.

                      Such an arrangement would be too expensive to fit to a simple derivative model, so it may be shared with at least two other cars to help control costs. The first to get to grips with the system is likely to be the new Meriva. But a spokesperson hinted that sister brand Chevrolet will also use the set-up, in a 4×4 model based on the T2X concept.

                      Meanwhile, GM bosses have revealed that both the Corsa and Chevy could be built in the manufacturer’s state-of-the-art factory in Antwerp, Belgium. They have also said that buyers should expect a first glimpse of the Vauxhall model at a major motor show in 2009, before sales start 12 months later.

                      The vehicle should soon become a familiar sight on UK roads, as it is thought GM would like to sell 120,000 units annually. [/i]


                      Avatar de Predeterminado del sitio

                        yo, a simple vista, soy incapaz de ver si estos dos vehículos tienen un sistema de tracción 4×4

                        Me deja maravillado la capacidad técnica del redactor de autoexpress, acojonante… 😀

                        Avatar de eL_aNcI

                          Ni que lo digas, yo ahí veo Corsas normales y corrientes…

                          Avatar de chotoboto

                            Es que soys ciegos, el redactor lo que ha visto es la bola del remolque, y por lo tanto, es un tt.

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