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Toyota C-HR Facelift (2019)

INICIO FOROS NOVEDADES Vehículos presentados Toyota C-HR Facelift (2019)

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      • El nuevo 2.0l 184hp Hybrid se une al 1.8l 122hp Hybrid mejorado.
      • Nuevo sistema multimedia con Apple CarPlay ™ y Android Auto ™.

      Fuente: https://newsroom.toyota.eu/the-new-toyota-c-hr/

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        Parece que ha sido pillado rodando un spot. Solo puedo ver esta foto


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          Para mi no necesita muchos cambios, lo que se puede apreciar tampoco parece tan mal.

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              Le han puesto el morrete del aygo y a rodar

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                El Toyota C-HR incluirá el motor de 180 CV a su gama.


                Fuente: https://www.motor.es/noticias/toyota-c-hr-180-cv-gama-201960198.html

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                      Nada nuevo bajo el sol, pero mola que le hayan metido android auto.

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                        More Hybrid, More Connected and More Iconic (Nota de prensa en inglé)

                        New 2.0l 184hp Hybrid joins Improved 1.8l 122hp Hybrid
                        New Multimedia System with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™
                        Visual Refinement to Front and Rear Designs
                        The new Toyota C-HR debuts with a choice of hybrid powertrains, a new multimedia system and design enhancements that refine its look whilst keeping the iconic shape.

                        Joining the improved 122hp 1.8l hybrid, is the new 184hp 2.0l Hybrid Dynamic Force system to give customers a choice of highly-efficient hybrid powertrains, with C02 emissions starting from 109 g/km for the 1.8l system and from 118 g/km on the 2.0l Hybrid Dynamic Force System. (WLTP standard)

                        Additionally, the new Toyota C-HR is equipped with a new multimedia system that includes Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ smartphone integration.

                        The new Toyota C-HR remains true to its iconic visual identity and the coupe-like lines create a bold style that continues to stand out. Both front and rear have received detailed attention bringing refinement to this iconic vehicle, while a painted lower lip reinforces the dynamic figure with a strong, wide and elevated stance.

                        Head- and tail-lights are upgraded to premium LED technology, with the daytime running lights (DRLs) and indicators combined into one frontal projector emitting a single smooth line above the main beam. At the rear, the new combi lamps are connected by a gloss black spoiler creating a single clean shape.

                        New Toyota C-HR features the introduction of the 2.0l Hybrid Dynamic Force powertrain. Generating 184 hp, this system blends enhanced driving performance with high efficiency.

                        An improved 1.8l hybrid system is also available, providing C-HR customers the choice of two different hybrid options.

                        Dynamic upgrades include a modified EPS tuning for improved steering feel. The 2.0l hybrid even benefits from a new suspension design that improves ride comfort whilst retaining the Toyota C-HR’s excellent handling capabilities.

                        All variants also feature an upgraded NVH pack to further reduce cabin noise.

                        The new C-HR debuts a new multimedia system that upgrades Toyota’s connectivity offer. This system now allows full smartphone integration and supports even the latest versions of Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. It also supports ‘over the air’ map updates to allow customers to seamlessly drive with the latest versions of European road maps.


                        New Toyota C-HR CO2 Emission:

                        Corr. NEDC
                        1.8l Hybrid, 122hp
                        From 86g/km
                        From 109 g/km
                        2.0l Hybrid, 184hp
                        From 92g/km
                        From 118 g/km

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                          Mas fotos.


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                            Avatar de A.P.M.
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                                Modellista radicaliza el Toyota C-HR (CANIS VENID)


                                Avatar de skorzeny

                                  Sin  Cuadro Digital..??? menuda cagada….

                                  Avatar de The_Osco

                                    A toyota le está costando saltar a lo 100% virtual, creo que incluso el nuevo Yaris no lo lleva

                                    Avatar de skorzeny

                                      El del nuevo Yaris si es digital…

                                      Avatar de skorzeny

                                        Pensaba que iban a aprovechar el cuadro digital del c-hr electrico 100×100….

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                                            Se pone a la venta el GR Sport, con el 2.0 HSD de 184cv

                                            aceleración: 8 seg

                                            vel. máx: 180 (limitada)

                                            Con. medio: 4L y 92 gr de CO2

                                            Precio: 34.800 €



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