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Lexus GX (2023)

INICIO FOROS NOVEDADES Vehículos presentados Lexus GX (2023)

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      Presentado oficialmente el Lexus GX (2023)

      Primera foto del futuro Lexus GX

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        ¿Este modelo cuál es? No lo ubico dentro de la gama

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          Tradicionalmente ha sido el equivalente Lexus del Toyota Land Cruiser 150/Prado.

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            En Europa nunca se ha vendido creo.

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              Se presenta el  9 de Junio.




              Fuente: Lexus

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                Fuente: https://www.kolesa.ru/

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                  Fuente: Lexus

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                    Al final la primera foto del hilo no se corresponde con lo que estamos viendo en los teasers. Lo han cambiado mucho o será otro modelo

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                          Teaser e no un render

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                                Que diantres es eso!!

                                No es que me parezca muy bonito la verdad…

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                                    Lo llaman lexus por llamarlo algo pero ese adefesio se lo tendria que quedar toyota

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                                      El Land Cruiser será más bonito.

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                                        3.5 V6 biturbo 354cv y 650Nm. Cambio automático de 10 velocidades


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                                          Nota de prensa, en inglés

                                          WORLD PREMIERE OF THE ALL-NEW LEXUS GX

                                          • All-new GX combines exceptional off-road capabilities with Lexus refinement – a faithful partner, whatever the driving conditions
                                          • New GA-F global architecture platform and classic body-on-frame construction provide built-in strength and responsiveness
                                          • More powerful exterior design makes a clear statement of the GX’s robust character
                                          • Tazuna concept cockpit gives the driver commanding visibility and instant, intuitive access to controls and information
                                          • Open, modern and calm interior design with generous load space
                                          • New twin-turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 engine delivers significantly more power and torque
                                          • Class-leading towing capability – up to 3.5 tonnes
                                          • GX range to include new Overtrail model with design and equipment features focusing on superior off-road performance
                                          • GX to be introduced in Lexus’ Eastern European markets from early 2024



                                          Ever since its launch in 1989, Lexus has consistently been an innovator, pushing the boundaries of technology and design to deliver fresh value to its customers. The all-new GX is the latest expression of this ground-breaking spirit, a premium all-wheel drive model with authentic off-road driving capabilities.

                                          Its introduction reflects the ongoing diversification of Lexus’ global product line-up to reach new market segments and support a wider range of customer lifestyles.

                                          Chief Engineer Koji Tsukusaki comments: “The joy of owning this vehicle is the assurance of high performance – like a diver’s watch – without always having to drive it hard off-road.”

                                          The GX is new from the ground up and presents a more powerful and robust look with an exterior design that communicates a sense of purpose and an ability to master challenging conditions.  Lexus “Next Chapter” design principles have been adapted specifically to suit the demands of rough-road driving. By contrast, the cabin atmosphere is modern, open and calm, with a focused Tazuna cockpit and commanding visibility for the driver.

                                          A new 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 provides considerably more power and torque than the previous V8 power plant, giving the GX class-leading towing capability – up to 3.5 tonnes.

                                          Lexus human-centred approach is evident throughout. The adoption of new control and handling systems for off-road driving ensures they are intuitive and reassuring to use. At the same time, the GX’s on-road poise and comfort have been improved.

                                          The all-new GX’s introduction demonstrates Lexus’s desire to build a product range that meets the needs and preferences of a wider customer base. It will be available in selected markets in Eastern Europe from early 2024. Customers will also be able to personalise their vehicle with a wide range of dedicated styling and functional accessories.

                                          EXTERIOR DESIGN: AUTHENTIC OFF-ROADER PROPORTIONS

                                          The new GX displays the proportions of an authentic off-roader. The development team focused on producing a design that expresses the vehicle’s performance capabilities. This can be seen in the pulled-back front pillars, flared wings and low belt line. The overall effect they sought was the look of a car that has been cut from a solid block of metal.

                                          Overall, the GX is longer and wider than the current model and has a longer wheelbase, but overall height has been reduced.

                                          The thick, squared-off shape of the bonnet projects toughness, but the bonnet’s low-set centre section ensures the driver has a good view of front corners, so they can manoeuvre the vehicle with confidence. With a shorter front overhang, the GX has a greater approach angle for tackling steeper slopes.

                                          The grille, uniquely styled for the GX, has a criss-cross mesh, and connects to a body-coloured under-guard. As a strong frontal feature, the grille’s form generates lines that create a distinctive and powerful “spindle body” shape. Both grille and headlights are positioned as high as possible to avoid striking obstacles when driving on rough roads. Similarly, the radiator cooling ducts are set high to ensure good performance.

                                          The rear of the car displays the signature Lexus L-shaped light bar with high-set lamps, making the GX easier to spot when driving off-road in convoy.


                                          However challenging the road might be, the ambience inside the new GX is modern and calming. Lexus’ human-centred design approach has created a space where people can feel relaxed and secure, whatever the journey.

                                          This is the latest model to adopt Lexus’ Tazuna concept for the driver’s cockpit, in which all the principal controls and information sources are positioned for use with just small movement of the hand or eye. The inspiration is the ease with which a rider can control a horse with the slightest adjustments of the reins – the meaning of the word “Tazuna “in Japanese.  The horizontal instrument panel and lower belt line ensure a good all-round view so the driver has a good sense of the vehicle’s attitude and position on the road at all times. A prominent 14-inch touchscreen display gives clear and easy access to multimedia functions.

                                          Careful attention has been paid to the driver’s seat with a design that provides better holding around the waist and pelvis. The cushion is also structured to keep the spine and head more stable, so travel is less tiring.

                                          The GX’s interior has flexibility designed-in. It can be configured with five or six seats and offers enough space with the rear seats folded for a 29-inch mountain bike to be carried.

                                          POWERTRAIN:  NEW V6 TURBO WITH CLASS-LEADING TOWING CAPABILITY

                                          A new engine is introduced to the GX range, a turbocharged 3.5-litre V6. Although smaller in capacity than the 4.6-litre V8 unit in the current model, it delivers significantly more power and torque, thanks to advances in technology and engineering. Maximum output is 354 DIN hp/260 kW compared to the V8’s 296 DIN hp/218 kW, while peak torque is almost 50% higher, rising from 438 to 650 Nm.

                                          This level of power and torque gives the vehicle class-leading towing capability. The new GX can pull loads of up to 3,500 kg, strength enough to tow a 13-passenger boat and trailer, for example.

                                          The engine is matched to a 10-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission, replacing the previous six-speed auto gearbox. This has been tuned to communicate the feeling of strong, sustained acceleration and instant response to the driver’s use of the throttle. Customers will also appreciate the quieter running of the V6 engine.


                                          The new GX is a serious off-road vehicle, but with Lexus refinement.  Its fundamental strength lies in its new GA-F global architecture platform and a robust body-on-frame construction. While this equips it to tackle challenging off-road conditions, the GX delivers the qualities of the Lexus Driving Signature – control, comfort and confidence at all times – with its poised, stable performance and smooth ride quality in on-road driving.

                                          The front and rear suspension are optimised for stability, whether driving on or off-road. At the rear, the precise suspension adjustment reduces the impact felt when driving over ruts and potholes, while the application of new methods to reinforce joints in the body construction help deliver a more sophisticated driving feel.

                                          The electric power steering is tuned for a fluid response at low speeds and reassuring stability in high-speed cruising. Steering accuracy has been improved by the increase in body rigidity, helped by details such as stronger radiator and steering supports. Drivers will also appreciate a marked reduction in kick-back on rough roads and the extra steering support that’s provided by the assistance systems in the third generation Lexus Safety System+.

                                          Where off-road performance is concerned, comprehensive improvements have been made in the pursuit of “the art of low speed,” raising the model’s capabilities through design and the introduction of new and enhanced technologies. A human-centred approach to the fusion of off-road functions and advanced technology ensures the GX is intuitive and engaging to drive: the driver enjoys a dialogue with the vehicle and the road, whatever the surface conditions. This quality was a focus for the professional rally drivers who contributed to the test driving of prototypes during the car’s development programme.

                                          THE GX OVERTRAIL: FOCUSED ON OFF-ROAD PERFORMANCE AND STYLE

                                          The Overtrail is a new halo model focused on the GX’s qualities as an authentic and highly capable off-road vehicle. In terms of style, equipment and technology features, it maximises the vehicle’s potential to tackle tough terrain and satisfy customers who enjoy adventurous lifestyles.

                                          The vehicle has a commanding presence with exclusive 18-inch wheels, a 20 mm wider tread, black wheel arch mouldings, side under protection and aluminium under-guards. The protection features are not just for show, they give the driver confidence to tackle tougher routes, as do new all-terrain tyres that have been developed in collaboration with Lexus’ tyre suppliers.

                                          The Overtrail can be specified with optional raised bumper corners, making it easier for the driver to manoeuvre past obstacles. The Electronic – Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (E-KDSS), featured for the first time on a Lexus model, gives extra support when travelling over very uneven ground, with greater wheel articulation. It also makes for more poised performance in on-road driving, suppressing body roll.

                                          At the front of the vehicle there is a separate central structure designed to carry accessories. There is a wide choice of additional features that can be added to the GX, giving owners the freedom to personalise their vehicle and equip it for outdoor pursuits.

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